12 Habits Your Dog Hates

February 5th, 2018

Dogs are loving creatures. They think the world of their owners, and they adore spending time with their humans. That being said, our dogs aren’t exactly in love with everything we do. Some of our tendencies can really get on their nerves. Here are 12 common habits that your dog hates.

1. Big Hugs

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Dogs don’t naturally hug each other, so not all of them understand that this is a sign of affection. In the wild, putting your arms over someone else is typically a display of dominance. Your dog may think you are challenging him rather than loving on him.

2. Too Many Words

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Other animals cannot understand our human language, so purely talking to them doesn’t do much good. Dogs are, however, tonal animals, meaning that they can pick up on the tones we use when we speak. If you want to communicate with your dog rather than confuse him, try to use small, meaningful gestures when you speak, and be sure to use a tone that matches your intentions. If you are saying “No” say it firmly, and if you are rewarding your dog, use a light and cheery tone.

3. Patting Their Heads

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Like most animals – and like humans – dogs don’t actually enjoy being touched on the head or face. They are willing to put up with the behavior because they know it is a sign of affection, but they would prefer to be pet on their backs. Or if they really trust you, on their bellies.

4. Long Eye Contact

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In the wild, keeping eye contact without blinking can be seen as a form of dominance. Dog’s don’t like to feel challenged, especially if they don’t know you. So try to avoid staring into your dog’s cute little eyes.

5. Spontaneous Schedules

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Dogs are creatures of habit. They like structure and organized routines. As natural pack animals, dogs like to have rigid rules to adhere to.

6. Keeping Them Too Close On Walks

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It makes sense that your dog doesn’t want to be kept on a tight leash. As an intuitive animal, your dog can tell when you are stressed. This energy transfers over to your pet, causing them to stress out when they don’t need to. That, and it is just plain uncomfortable.

7. Stopping Them From Exploring

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Dogs like to explore the world around them through their sense of smell. Stopping them from sniffing around makes them feel limited. Let them wander and learn.

8. Forced Interactions

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Dogs have their own unique personalities, and – like humans – they don’t like to be forced into interacting with people or animals they don’t care for. Respect your dog’s individuality, especially when you are in a public setting.

9. When You Are Tense

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Our dogs are in tune with how we feel, and they tend to mimic it. A dog can become upset simply because his owner is. Keep up your mental health – at least for your dog’s sake.

10. Being Ignored

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Dogs are alone all day while their humans are at work, so when their owner gets home all they want to do is play. Your pet may feel isolated if you ignore him or her, so always make sure to show your dog some love.

11. Strong Smells

Dogs are thousands of times more sensitive to smell than humans are, so they really can’t stand smells they don’t like. If you need to spray something that smells strong, do it away from your dog.


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Bath time is definitely the least favorite part of any dog’s day. The good news is you can make it a little less miserable. Use a mat to prevent your dog from slipping in the tub, rinse with warm water (but not hot!), and use a shampoo that is meant for canines.

Some of the things we do annoy our dogs to no end, but they love us anyway. Show your pet you love him back by stopping some of these bad habits.

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