15 Cats Who Fell In Love With Dogs - The Photos Are Too Cute

January 2nd, 2019

We often think of cats and dogs as being at odds with each other. After all, the old saying goes that people are “fighting like cats and dogs.” These two creatures are so different it is hard to believe they could ever get along.

Not all cats and dogs dislike each other, though. In fact, some of them fall head-over-heels in love with each other. And when they do, it is totally adorable.

These photos of cats and dogs falling in love will melt your heart like no other. They are just so sweet! Here are 15 cats who fell in love with their dogs and blinded us with their cuteness.

1. Misery Loves Company

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Kelldog24 Source: Kelldog24

This dog is definitely not happy about his cone, but his best friend is sharing in his suffering! This sweet cat will stay by his side all the way until he gets better. She doesn’t mind being trapped in that cone with his doggie breath!

2. Whatchya Doin’?

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MagicDeceiver Source: MagicDeceiver

This reddit user got a kick out of how interested his cat was in his dog. “I love you, big brother,” the witty owner wrote in the caption. “You check that out first, though.”

3. The Snuggle Is Real

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Yummie4mytummie Source: Yummie4mytummie

This cat is so in love with her puppy! She just wants to hold him close and never let him go. This is the best thing EVER.

4. I Wuv You

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Pavelmok Source: Pavelmok

This cat-and-dog duo are just too cute! Look how happy that kitty is curling up to her big fluff ball. This looks like true love to me.

5. Mine!

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Mimi0726 Source: Mimi0726

This cat has definitely taken possession of her favorite pup. She won’t let him go for anything! That must be such a comfy spot to be snuggled up in.

6. Graceful

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Reddit Source: Reddit

Every cat wants a whisker full of dog drool, right? Well, this one sure doesn’t seem to mind. She just likes having all that attention.

7. At Least One Of Them Is Happy

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TheBilalZafar Source: TheBilalZafar

This dog doesn’t look too pleased, but just look at that kitten’s smile! She is in pure bliss, and that makes it all worth it. Be still, doggie. You’re a good boy!

8. By The Beach

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Ateart Source: Ateart

This pair really knows how to have a good time. From long, romantic walks on the beach to just watching the water together, they are SO romantic. Don’t you wish you had a date like this??

9. Muah!

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LifeWithToby Source: LifeWithToby

This cat has so many kisses to give! She just loves her canine companion, and it looks like the feeling is mutual. How adorable!

10. Hi There

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Thee_earl Source: Thee_earl

This takes clingy to a whole new level. That cat looks more like a hat than a friend! It can take a lot of patience to put up with our clingy other halves, but it sure does make for a cute photo.

11. Let’s Just Sleep

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Tibor09 Source: Tibor09

You know you feel comfortable around someone when you can just pass out around them. Well, this dog and cat pair passed out together! They must really love each other.

12. Mesmerized

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Mailey_thee-boston_pigcow Source: Mailey_thee-boston_pigcow

This cat is completely hypnotized by her huge bestie. Her eyes are open so wide. This friendship is sure to last a lifetime.

13. Nap Time

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Solomonkkm Source: Solomonkkm

These two look SO HAPPY together! I mean, who wouldn’t be, right? That is one adorable duo.

14. Great Pillow

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Kitnado Source: Kitnado

Does this cat even know he’s a dog? Or does she just think he’s an elaborate pillow?! She certainly looks comfortable.

15. Kitty Approved

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NotMyRealName14 Source: NotMyRealName14

This owner was probably worried about whether his cat and dog would get along, but they are just like old pals! Let’s hope she doesn’t get swallowed up in his fluffy fur.

The only thing cuter than a cat or a dog is a cat-and-dog pair. These dynamic duos are the sweetest thing ever. Has your heart melted yet??

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