15 Inexpensive But Super Creative DIY Gifts For Anyone

November 29th, 2018

Every year I take a look at Pinterest boards and websites, and I resolve that I am going to get creative, save money, and make gifts for people.

And every year, I end up thinking that DIY gifts are too much work, and I am much better off shopping online. Yeah, UPS and FedEx just love me.

I am happy to report, however, that this year, I have found 15 DIY gift ideas that are SUPER simple. Most have them have fewer than 8 steps, and all need only a few everyday items.

As a bonus, you can even involve the kids in making a lot of these, which will come in hand for your sanity on that random Snow Day that is bound to pop up soon.

Whether you are looking for gifts for family and friends, a teacher or even a hostess gift, there is something for everyone here.

The Reader – Personalized Bookmarks

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Creative Family Moments Source: Creative Family Moments

Make these fun bookmarks with the kids for grandparents or parents. If you have a friend who reads a lot, enlist other friends to pose for the pictures. This kind of thought and personalizing is sure to make the recipient smile. CreativeFamilyMoments even shows you how to easily make them with a tassel for some extra flair.

The Word Lover – Scrabble Coasters

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Gourmet Gab Source: Gourmet Gab

Do you have a friend or family member who can’t get enough of playing Words with Friends? This is the perfect gift for them. If you’re willing to sacrifice the tiles from a Scrabble game, you can personalize the coasters with meaningful or joke words, like what you see at TheGourmetGab.

If you don’t want to buy a game just to get the tiles, and if you have the time, you can get the tiles at a craft store and put letter decals on them. The result will be the same, and you’ll actually have more options because you can make as many letters as you need.

The Coffee or Tea Lover – Monogrammed Mug

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Instructables Source: Instructables

Fill one of these mugs with your friend’s favorite tea, gourmet coffee beans, or even a bag of biscotti or cookies. Make mugs for the whole family, and put cocoa or marshmallows in the kids’ mugs. Change up the designs so that they all go together, but each one is unique. Instructables shows you the beauty of a Sharpie and some creativity.

The Caffeine Diva – Glitter Cup

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FitnessSista Source: FitnessSista

Put a little sparkle in your caffeine lover’s life. The cup obviously doesn’t have to have a logo on it as FitnessSista does; any double-walled cup or mug will work. If you feel extra creative, you can try different colors, patterns or even stencils of glitter.

The New Mommy – Survival Kit

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Classy Clutter Source: Classy Clutter

This jar could be personalized for anyone: a new mom, a college student, a niece who dances…the possibilities are endless. Be creative and put some of their favorite candies, teas, or drink mixes in the jar along with theme appropriate items, like the ones you can see at ClassyClutter.

The Stressed Sister – Bath Bombs (w/ or w/o toys)

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Hello Creative Family Source: Hello Creative Family

Whether you decide to hide toys in them or not, these homemade bath bombs in multiple scents are sure to soothe the senses. Use the toys to make bath time fun for kids, or find toys that are themed to a friend’s interests. Party stores are great for finding trinkets that can be put into these little balls of relaxation. Take a look at how HelloCreativeFamily made theirs.

The Pampered Princess – Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

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The Idea Room Source: The Idea Room

This easy-to-make sugar scrub smells like summer and works like a charm. Because the ingredients are items you can buy in bulk, you can make multiple batches of it to give away or keep for yourself. Substitute any essential oil for the scent, or check out the other recipes suggested by TheIdeaRoom.

The Monogram Lover – Photo Collage

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DIY Network Source: DIY Network

This collage can be as cute or as elegant as you want it to be, based on the recipient’s personality. Use black and white or sepia photos for a more polished look, or use stickers and brightly designed tape if it is for a kid, like the one at DIYNetwork. Be sure to find photos that will make the person smile whenever they look at their initial.

The Traveler – Heart Map Art

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Living Well Spending Less Source: Living Well Spending Less

This could just as easily be for a military family who has moved a lot, or a friend/family member who has family living in various places. Really, it can be made for anyone who can pinpoint certain locations as being pivotal or influential in their lives.

LivingWellSpendingLess shows you how to make a simple but important reminder that home will always be where the heart is.

The Quirky Cousin – Cleaning Slime

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Budget 101 Source: Budget 101

If you have a kid in your life, you have seen the homemade slime, and probably even made a few batches yourself. But it can also be great for cleaning hard-to-reach places like car vents and computer keyboards. File this one from Budget 101 under “who knew?” (This is definitely one that you should let the kids help you make!)

The Gambler – Candy Roll Coins

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Martha Stewart Source: Martha Stewart

Just kidding. (Sort of). While this actually is a great idea for someone who likes to play slot machines, they could also be given to someone who has to use the laundromat, or park at parking meters. Roll multiple denominations and use them as a stocking stuffer for a festive alternative to a gift card. You don’t have to get fancy with the ribbon as Martha Stewart does, just use simple wrapping paper.

All these crafty things are great, but let’s face it, the season is also about the food, right? Here are 4 of the best food-related DIY gifts I found.

The Adventurous Eater – Dip Mix Ornaments

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Sprinkle Some Fun Source: Sprinkle Some Fun

These clever ornaments found at SprinkleSomeFun can be filled with anything from dip mixes to dried herbs to soup mixes. Nestle them in a decorative box, or decorate a mini tree with them to put a little bit of spice into the holidays.

The Sweet Tooth – Fancy Oreos

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So Creative Things Source: So Creative Things

Fresh cookies obviously can’t be put in a box too far in advance, but if you have to bring something to a holiday party and don’t have the time to bake, these could be a festive alternative. Use colored sugar, edible silver, and gold candy balls, or even chopped nuts for a fun twist. SoCreativeThings also has a few other Oreo suggestions for the die-hard cookie lovers.

The Bonfire Brother – S’more Love in a Jar

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A Night Owl Source: A Night Owl

The mugs are a great way to transport the ingredients for s’mores. With the handles, they can also be used for a drink of choice after the s’mores are made. You don’t have to use the ones with handles as ANightOwl did. These would also be clever in mason jars or any kind of jar with a wide neck for easily extracting the ingredients.

The Home Chef – Recipe Ring with Utensils

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LilLuna Source: LilLuna

Do you have a friend or family member who is convinced that they should be a contestant on “Master Chef?” Find a bunch of recipes you know they would love to try their hand at and put them together in this neat little recipe ring, as shown by LilLuna.

Attach the ring to a spatula or to other kitchen tools that are needed for the recipes. They won’t be able to wait to get into the kitchen to try them!

So there you have it, 15 quick and easy DIY gifts. They’re all so simple that I think even I could handle them. Surprise, friends and family, here’s what you’re getting!

Source: DIY Cozy Home