15 Super Annoying Problems You Can Easily Fix With Lip Balm

November 30th, 2018

Lip balm is typically one of those things you find at the bottom of your bag or in a drawer somewhere the one time you don’t need it. But these 15 alternative uses will have you stoked when you come across a stray tube.

And while some of them require a fresh tube, others are a great way to use up those old ones you have floating around.

1. Grease up a stubborn zipper

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Some zippers just don’t want to play nice. They can become particularly stubborn on items that are frequently dry cleaned.

Next time you encounter resistance while zipping up your garments, bust out the lip balm and apply a small amount to the stubborn sections.

2. Fix nicks

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No matter how fancy our razors are or how many blades and high-tech protectors they have, it’s still easy to get a nick while shaving.

Next time you accidentally draw blood, apply some lip balm to the area to seal it up. Just try to avoid the menthol kind, unless you like that tingly-bordering-on-burning feeling.

3. Slide off stuck rings

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Temperature changes make hands swell throughout the day.

If you can’t get those rings off after a workout or a long day, simply rim the area with lip balm and they’ll slide off without having to feel like you’re about to dislocate your finger.

4. Perfect your eye area

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This is another hack where you might want to avoid the menthol lip balms.

But the regular kind will solve all sorts of eye makeup dilemmas. You can use it to freshen up the outer edges to get that dewy look or even apply it before your eyeshadow to give it some staying power.

5. Make your fragrance last

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No one wants to douse themselves in fragrance just to get it to stay all day.

Instead of torturing your neighbor’s nostrils, apply a layer of lip balm to the areas where you’re about to spritz. This creates a layer that helps it stay throughout the day.

6. Avoid blisters

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New shoes lead to all sorts of uncomfortable foot problems. And even your favorite broken-in pair can lead to blisters if you end up walking farther than planned.

The best way to avoid annoying blisters is to apply a bit of lip balm to the back of your heels and the parts of your toes where you know your shoes will be rubbing throughout the day.

7. Shine your shoes

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Boredom Therapy Source: Boredom Therapy

And in case you were worried that lip balm would ruin your Jimmy Choos, never fear.

Lip balm (the untinted kind, of course) is actually a great leather moisturizer. It can help prevent shoe damage and even soften up the areas that develop creases.

8. Avoid chapped nostrils

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Winter is tough on our noses. Even the softest tissues can irritate the area if you’re having to wipe or blow your nose frequently.

While lip balm won’t make the drips go away, it will help moisturize and protect the area from chapping and help you avoid the Rudolph look this winter.

9. Silence the squeak

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Do you have old hardware that sticks or squeaks every time you open a door or drawer?

Apply a bit of lip balm and you have a non-toxic alternative to lubricants from the hardware store.

10. Cuticle companion

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If you work with your hands or pick and bite your fingers, chances are your cuticles are in pretty bad shape.

While lip balm won’t break you of your bad habits, it will add some much needed moisture and protection to the area so you can avoid looking like you stuck them in the shredder.

11. Eyebrow aide

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Brows are in right now and not all of us are blessed with hairs that behave.

Instead of expensive brow gels, see if you can tame your eyebrow hairs with a bit of lip balm.

12. Slide off those stubborn stickers

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Stickers are meant to stick, but that doesn’t mean you want them adhering to your stuff once you’ve purchased it.

If you have a stubborn label that hot water just won’t vanquish, try rubbing some lip balm over it before picking it off. Waiting a few minutes should loosen some of the glue.

13. Be the master of your mascara

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It’s tough to avoid mascara smudges.

Next time your makeup ends up in the wrong place, apply some lip balm and wipe it away. Your foundation should stay in place since you’re not using water or rubbing too hard.

14. Hair color companion

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If you like to color your hair a vibrant shade, you know the dilemma of trying to reach all the way to your roots without staining your scalp.

Next time you need to keep your color in place and not end up looking like you’re wearing a wig, try coating your hairline with lip balm. It will keep the color from sinking into your skin.

15. Fix fly-aways

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We all get those little flyaways wherever we part our hair.

Avoid the mini mohawk by applying a dab of lip balm and smoothing them down. But go easy, unless you want to look like an oil slick.

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