20 Family Photo Recreations That Are Perfect And Sweet

February 23rd, 2021

Ever since the invention of the camera, photos have been documenting our lives and our culture in captivating and beautiful ways. Now, with cameras on our phones, we have the capability to take photos at any time we’d like. However, back when we still used film cameras on a regular basis, you never knew what you were going to see until you get the film developed!

People are sharing photos from their past that were just too good not to recreate – here are 20 of the best ones.

Decades later, the people might have changed but their sense of humor certainly hasn’t.

#1 First and last photos

Dogs are a part of our family. This family took a photo with their puppy on the first day that they got him. Then, they took a photo 16 years later right before their beloved dog passed away. Such a tearjerker, but it’s also so beautiful that they have these photos to remember him by.

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weezabeeb via Reddit Source: weezabeeb via Reddit

#2 Sweet moments with grandpa

These two photos are just too precious. In the first, a granddaughter dances with her grandpa in a bright red dress. Then, nearly 18 years later, she’s off to prom and is in another beautiful red dress – still dancing with her grandpa. What a special bond.

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dawsonalliah via Twitter Source: dawsonalliah via Twitter

#3 Preschool to Harvard

Grandma must be super proud of her grandson! He had dreams of going to Harvard from a young age and made those dreams come true! From preschool to college, grandma has always been by his side.

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JohnClarkLevin via Imgur Source: JohnClarkLevin via Imgur

#4 Ten years later

Over the years, this family has gotten older, but they still know where the coziest spot is in the house. Dad, daughter, kitty, and dog are all snuggled on the couch and they continued to do so over the past decade. We hope they keep up this tradition.

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Bored Panda Source: Bored Panda

#5 Like father like son

This young son always looked up to his dad who was a police officer. As time passed, that admiration grew and he even became a police officer himself! This photo recreation is both adorable and hilarious as the father-son duo sit in the cop cruiser.

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MrMemeFirst via Imgur Source: MrMemeFirst via Imgur

#6 Generation after generation

In the first photo, a dad sits with his newborn son. Sadly, this father passed away when the baby was only 3 months old. Below, the baby is all grown up and now has a son of his own! What better way to honor his late father than to recreate this sweet photo?

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Chelsea-vong11 via Reddit Source: Chelsea-vong11 via Reddit

#7 Bros

Growing up, these five brothers probably had a blast playing together. And by the looks of it, they still do! A couple decades later and few beer bellies, these brothers absolutely perfected their photo recreation.

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OoklaIsMyHomeboy via Reddit Source: OoklaIsMyHomeboy via Reddit

#8 The tiny little car

At one point, these little boys could fit inside this little toy car. Now? Not so much. We’re not sure how they came across this toy from their past but it’s crazy that it’s the same exact one from their childhood!

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Frenzy3 via Reddit Source: Frenzy3 via Reddit

#9 An uncle and his nephew

A little boy sits and drinks tea with his uncle in this memory captured in time. 24 years later – they are still bonding and still sipping tea together. It’s clear that this ritual keeps them close.

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IDontSparkle via Reddit Source: IDontSparkle via Reddit

#10 Mom and son copy

There’s nothing quite like the bond between mother and son. These two had some fun with a photocopy machine when they copied their silly faces. When they had the opportunity to do it again? They jumped on it!

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Dittidot via Reddit Source: Dittidot via Reddit

#11 Family holidays

Holidays with the family can be loud, stressful, and downright hilarious sometimes. The earlier Easter was filled with a crying child and a dad barely hanging onto his patience. The kids are grown now and when they spent Easter together, they thought it was a great time to reenact that fun day.

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eDPtyg via Reddit Source: eDPtyg via Reddit

#12 Mom looks the same

A mom goes from kissing her young toddler to kissing her young bride. How time flies! One this is for sure though – mom hasn’t aged a bit! The daughter has grown to be a gorgeous bride as well.

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Fho15 via Reddit Source: Fho15 via Reddit

#13 Dads and sons

How sweet is this recreation? In the first photo, a dad holds his newborn son wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. In the second, the son has grown up and is now holding a son of his own! The best part? They are wearing the same shirt!

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BeerIsDelicious via Reddit Source: BeerIsDelicious via Reddit

#14 Proud to serve

The military has been a part of this family’s life for decades. This son followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the military as well – and as you can see – he’s never too old to sit on dad’s lap. The facial expressions are so great.

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Avghomeowner via Reddit Source: Avghomeowner via Reddit

#15 Cousins

Cousins are some of the best friends we ever have in life. These three girls have grown up together and it looks like their personalities haven’t changed one bit. They absolutely nailed it!

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Forthethirdtimetoday via Imgur Source: Forthethirdtimetoday via Imgur

#16 Beach time

Making memories at the beach is always a fun time with the family. These siblings love spending time at the beach together and even decades later, they’re still playing in the sand together!

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Lorasio via Reddit Source: Lorasio via Reddit

#17 Twenty-one years later

You gotta love dads. They protect us and watch over us when we sleep. Even when you’re a 21-year-old man, apparently. This dad will be by his son’s side for as long as he lives.

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KingJosiah96 via Twitter Source: KingJosiah96 via Twitter

#18 Now, with facial hair

These brothers clearly know how to have a great time together. This photo reenactment says it all. They pretty much are all exactly the same – but now? They have beards.

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Poonchinello via Reddit Source: Poonchinello via Reddit

#19 Sister stealing the show

Brothers and sisters are always competing to be in the spotlight. This little sis was quite a sassy toddler while the brother didn’t seem impressed at all. Today? It doesn’t seem like much has changed.

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TookThisName via Reddit Source: TookThisName via Reddit

#20 Tired dad

Dad was tired then and he’s still tired 25 years later. But? He will still happily rock his son in his arms while he sneaks in a nap – even if his son is a full-grown man with a beard now.

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tumblr Source: tumblr

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