Sisters Audition For X Factor With Jessie J Hit

February 22nd, 2018

If you’ve ever watched an episode of The X Factor UK, then you know that auditions can one of three ways.

The judges can be blown away because it is either so good or it is that bad. Or the third option is that the audition is so-so and they move on but don’t actually make a dent in the competition.

When 4th Power auditioned for The X Factor UK in 2015, thankfully, their audition totally blew the judges away.

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The sisters are from the Philippines and have been singing together since 2001 when they were little children.

The group traveled all the way from the Philippines to the UK just for their audition. During week 1 of auditions for The X Factor UK, they took the stage and were shaking with nerves.

But after listening to them perform, you’d never think they were nervous before they performed!

The sisters revealed that they just wanted to make their mother proud and she was even watching them perform from backstage.

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Notoriously tough-to-impress judge Simon Cowell wished them luck and 4th Power launched into their audition, performing Jessie J‘s hit song “Bang Bang,” including the entire rap section of the song.

The audience was in love with them as soon as they started to perform.

Throughout the entire audition, judges Rita Ora and Nick Grimmy could be seen dancing, while the audience behind them was on their feet and jumping up and down.

Once the crowd settled down after their performance at Wembley Stadium, the judges were able to tell the sisters what they thought of their performance.

Rita Ora was so impressed by them and said:

The passion, the voices, the attitude, and I was like, ‘I wanna be their sister!'”

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But obviously, the moment that the sisters were waiting for was to hear what Simon Cowell had to say.

“We get people saying, ‘it’s the British X Factor, shouldn’t it just be open to British people?’ And I’ve always said, ‘we welcome people from all over the world.’ And you are incredibly welcome. In terms of first auditions, this is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

You have to watch their entire performance just to see why exactly Simon had such kind things to say about them?

What do you think of this performance? Was it one of the best X Factor first auditions you’ve ever seen?

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Source: X Factor