55 People Who Put the 'T' In Trashy

April 18th, 2019

We live on a planet with a whole lot of people. That means a whole lot of different opinions, ideas, and temperaments. But that’s what makes the world so cool. Otherwise, it would be super boring.

Some of the world’s whackier people are celebrated (or bashed) on Reddit’s “All Things Trashy page.” I mean, I couldn’t stand to think of what the world would be like if it were all classy without any of the trashy. Thanks to these “trashy”l humans beings, I won’t have to.

Here Are 55 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist That Put the ‘T’ In Trashy:

1) Pissing in Bottles

For some people, getting up to go to the bathroom is too much. Yes, they have two legs to stand on which enable them to walk to the bathroom. They just prefer not to. They rather let another human pull their piss bottles out of the trash.

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yoyo5261 Source: yoyo5261

2) In Memory of One Day Sales

Some see Memorial Day as a day to celebrate those who have died for our country. To honor the sacrifice that they made. But not the current sitting President of the United States. He sees it as a day for that AND also to sell stuff… “trashy.”

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junzip Source: junzip

3) In This Neighborhood…

In this neighborhood, a lot of people think that most salon workers are prostitutes. So many that this massage place had to put a sign up. They had to ward off all the John seeking “extras.”

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seehispugnosedface Source: seehispugnosedface

4) A Celebration of Infidelity

No one’s perfect. We all make mistakes and do things from time to time that hurt others. Most of the time we’re not proud of these actions. But it appears that this woman is. She is a homewrecker and proud of it. To each his own?

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jodisale Source: jodisale

5) Shaving Your Legs At/In The Pool

This takes the freakin’ cake. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get trashier than this. This woman is shaving her legs in the pool. She’s cleaning the razor off in the pool. Where other people are swimming. So that they, who are mostly children, will swim in her nasty leg hairs. That is freakin’ nuts. Watch the full video here.

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screwsausage Source: screwsausage

6) The Thirsty Media

When Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was being attacked, the media pounced. The media was so thirsty they started harassing children on social media just so they could get a scoop. Apparently, making sure the child could fully focus on his survival wasn’t as important.

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Imgur Source: Imgur

7) When You Deem Yourself Trashy

Nothing says trashy better than a bad tattoo. This one is pretty bad. But no one is funnier than a person who can call themselves out.

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FeralPomeranian Source: FeralPomeranian

8) Karma At Work

This kid was going to get his ass beat. Instead, he ended up with a good laugh. Thanks to his local police department.

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JaxGunTraderFl Source: JaxGunTraderFl

9) Bread Knee Pads

Is this lady classy or trashy, we can’t tell. She wants only the best bread. And she’ll use bread as knee pads in order to find it.

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tmaxb Source: tmaxb

10) Life vs. The Masked Singer

If you had to decide between saving lives or watching “The Masked Singer” which would you choose? Apparently, these people would have chosen “The Masked Singer.” Deadly weather be damned.

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syryquil Source: syryquil

11) Your Raccoon Don’t Leave Home Without Him

This guy doesn’t care much for shirts. Or shoes. But he never leaves home without his raccoon.

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VampireQueenDespair Source: VampireQueenDespair

12) All In The Family

Some people have NO boundaries. Or a clue. This guy doesn’t have either.

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kate_mili Source: kate_mili

13) Smile You’re At A Place Where Thousands Upon Thousands Of People Died

Apparently, these girls wanted to look cute outside of a Nazi death camp. Maybe the fact that an estimated 1.1 million people died there made them think of angels. These two are clearly clueless about how inappropriate this is.

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IVSwarm Source: IVSwarm

14) Fake Yelp Reviews

Lots of people check reviews these days before choosing a restaurant. That’s why businesses rely on websites like Yelp. Unfortunately, there are people who falsify reviews for their own personal gain.

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thegodzilla25 Source: thegodzilla25

15) Profiting From Suicide

Some people like to profit off the pain of others. Like the person who decided to sell Kurt Cobain’s suicide note on t-shirts. Suicide is not fashionable.

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Frasersil Source: Frasersil

16) Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

People post everything on social media these days. I mean, EVERYTHING. This guy’s nephew doesn’t want to hear it.

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MladysWhiteKnight Source: MladysWhiteKnight

17) McDonald’s in Scotland

Most people will do their drugs in the bathroom. Where no one can see and they won’t get arrested. This guy is too far gone to care though. He’s sniffing a rail right off the table at McDonald’s.

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methylated Source: methylated

18) Eating/Changing Table

This woman didn’t feel like taking her child into the bathroom. She changed the kid on a fast food restaurant table. So his ass is sitting where people eat.

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normalcookie2300 Source: normalcookie2300

19) When An Old Grudge Finally Dies

You might want to rethink how you treat your children. They’ll be in charge of your obituary some day. They are in control of how you’ll be remembered when you go, so…

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jeffrheybell Source: jeffrheybell

20) Halloween Gone Wrong

This was back in the 90s before people were so PC. But it’s so highly inappropriate and these people must have known that. Even a little bit. Why they gotta bring their kid into it?

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babewizard Source: babewizard

21) Grown Man Pumpkin Smasher

You have to have serious issues if you’re a grown ass man who goes around smashing pumpkins. The anger this guy must feel in life must be incredible. Poor fellow.

Pumpkin smasher has been identified after an angry father posted the surveillance footage online. from trashy

22) Not Fooling Anyone

This Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t fooling anyone. They didn’t even try hard. They could have used a piece of paper that wasn’t see through.

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EngineerMinded Source: EngineerMinded

23) Leaving A Mess

Fast food restaurants make it super easy for you to dump your trash. They have trays that you just tip over into the bin. Apparently, that’s too much for some people.

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heatherledge Source: heatherledge

24) Don’t Lie To Your Dentist

Mixing drugs can kill you. Apparently, there are a lot of drug users in the neighborhood where this dental office is. It makes you wonder how many people died before the sign when up.

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mimefucker Source: mimefucker

25) Ancient Artifact or Window Holder

Some people have no reverence for history. If you’re going to steal a piece of historical building, at least preserve it. Nope, this person is using it to hold their window open like any other ordinary brick.

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bigdaddy696 Source: bigdaddy696

26) Destruction For The Sake Of Destruction

This used to be a free library until someone burned it down on purpose. This person must really hate free stuff. Or books.

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stumpy1991 Source: stumpy1991

27) Grave Vandals

This poor person discovered that his family’s tombstones were desecrated. Probably by someone who was just bored. Just horrible.

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jsfkmrocks Source: jsfkmrocks

28) Taking A Piss

Got to piss while you’re in Bed Bath & Beyond? They have lots of containers for that. It’s like leaving a surprise for your fellow shopper.

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tritops Source: tritops

29) Homemade Tattoos

If you’re not a tattoo artist and your first tattoo was done by you… there’s a high percentage of a chance that your tattoo is trashy. This one is crooked. It’s also not what she thinks it is.

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Exp10510n Source: Exp10510n

30) Pancake Nips

Why would you bring up cheating on an ex’s boyfriend birthday? Why not just say happy birthday? His response… priceless.

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1jokerman1 Source: 1jokerman1

31) Plane Laundry

This woman is drying her drawers on an airplane. She’s basically rubbing them on the vent. Look how uncomfortable everyone around is.

Woman blow dries her underwear on plane from trashy

32) Bad Bitches Run The World

First of all, who doesn’t love a bad bitch? I’ll tell you who, judgemental basic bitches. Let this badd bitch and her hot dog font live…jeez. No one is shaming you for the short shorts and bra top with netting overlay that you wore at Coachella Mandi.

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33) The Best Way To Shop At Walmart

All Walmart shopping should be done with vodka and pizza. Apparently, the management didn’t think so. That must be why this cart is abandoned in the aisle.

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Blastbeast Source: Blastbeast

34) People Who Don’t Know What Country They Are In

These people went to a different country and were mad that the country didn’t speak their country’s language. They were mad that Thai people didn’t speak English well in Thailand. Ain’t that a bitch. These beautiful Thai people are even being nice about it.

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marblesmania Source: marblesmania

35) Can Your Mailbox Cook A Pizza?

Now that’s innovation. It’s called recycling people. It’s called being green.

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DropkickNira Source: DropkickNira

36) Apples on Apples

This lady could have found a big stack of paper towels. She could have sat down at a bench in that Subway. She wanted to sit on the apples though.

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visuallymessy Source: visuallymessy

37) It’s Simple Really

Complicated? But is it though? Cheating is pretty clear cut.

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ethon77 Source: ethon77

38) Nailed It

This is this guy’s Halloween costume. He pretty much nailed it though. I love the holes in the shirt, nice touch.

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craigathan404 Source: craigathan404

39) Bathroom Proposal?

This is not a proposal. But it is trashy. Still, she’s making him the happiest man in the world.

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AustenGray Source: AustenGray

40) When You Name Your Kid After Weed

You wanna name your kid after weed? Do you. But do you really have to tag the weed page in her pre-school picture? This kid is going to grow up hating weed.

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amy_schumers_vagina Source: amy_schumers_vagina

41) Festive Potato

That potato looks like a Christmas tree. That’s because it’s probably been in this cupboard for months. Maybe longer.

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TomTheTurtwig Source: TomTheTurtwig

42) Couldn’t Wait

This guy couldn’t wait for the flight attendants to come around and pick up trash. So, he threw it on the floor. It’s a double trash scenario.

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MinecraftThugLife Source: MinecraftThugLife

43) Bare Feet on A Plane

People like to get comfy on planes since they can be uncomfortable. But no one wants to see your stank ass feet. You’re not at home fam and this isn’t first class. Now you’ve gone and footed up the armrest.

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