60-Year-Old Woman Tells Stylist To "Do Whatever He Wants"

February 11th, 2019

Who doesn’t love a good makeover before-and-after?

Christopher Hopkins, better known as “The Makeover Guy,” has been luring people to Minneapolis with his talents since 2017, though he’s spent nearly his entire career in his home town.

He got his start back in 1990 when he opened a salon in nearby St. Paul in the same building as the local news stations. That’s where he made his name doing the hair and makeup of their on-air talent. But he relocated back to his hometown four years later.

Since then, his amazing makeover skills have earned him spots on HGTV, The Today Show, and Oprah’s former talk show. Now women from around the world flock to him for bold new looks.

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Christopher Hopkins via Wikipedia Commons Source: Christopher Hopkins via Wikipedia Commons

Check out just a few of his transformations:

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via ThreeTomatoes Source: via ThreeTomatoes
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via ThreeTomatoes Source: via ThreeTomatoes

When 59-year-old Debbie walked into his salon/”Appearance Studio” last month, she knew she was in good hands. And she gave him free rein to do whatever he thought would make her look her best.

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Screencap via YouTube Source: Screencap via YouTube

Hopkins said:

“Debbie came in with white regrowth and brown ends on very curly hair. She said the magic words, ‘Do whatever you want,’ and so I did. She didn’t know her ideal colors where were not gray and black, but warm and spring like colors. Not an easy correction but the strawberry blonde with highlights was exactly it. Width in shape to bring the focus up to her eyes, and ‘just a touch’ of makeup. Not really. We completely recreated her face with the help of contour, color and brows.”

Debbie was in good spirits during her experience as she got her hair and brows dyed.

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Screencap via YouTube Source: Screencap via YouTube

For clients who want the full glam treatment, Hopkins makes YouTube videos to show off their transformations. They’re unique in that there’s not necessarily a “big reveal” moment, but rather all of the sudden there appears to be a completely different person talking to the camera – that’s when you realize it’s the made-over client!

In Debbie’s case, it’s hard to believe both women are the same person.

In her video, she says of her upcoming 60th birthday:

“This is a time I’m either gonna let my hair go completely grey or get the courage to set up the appointment and follow through with it.”

And she followed through, letting Hopkins work his magic.

While Debbie mentioned that her husband didn’t quite understand her motives, her daughter backed her up, helping her explain that she was doing this for herself and not to impress anyone else.

She had always wanted to have a makeover but hadn’t trusted anyone up to that point to make her look her best. She was willing to let Hopkins take her brown hair with long grey roots in any direction he wanted. Now she’s a dazzling redhead!

And this wasn’t Hopkins’ first experience with grey roots – just look at this makeover from last year!

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via ThreeTomatoes Source: via ThreeTomatoes

Just watching Debbie’s short video is a testament to the power of feeling good about oneself. She starts off a little slouched in her chair, talking about turning 60, and with a relatively monotone voice. But once you see the “new” Debbie you can also see her posture improve and the tone of her voice becomes much cheerier.

“I don’t recognize myself,” Debbie laughed after her makeover. “My family’s not going to recognize me, either!”

Clearly very happy with what Hopkins had done, we have the feeling Debbie is going to have a new spring in her step as she heads into her next decade full of confidence.

Watch below to see the daring new Debbie revealed!

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