Adorable 4-year-old model with Down Syndrome featured in American Girl magazine

November 8th, 2019

Little girls have a way of capturing the hearts of many but little Ivy Kimble goes to the top of the list when it comes to attracting attention.

Ivy Has Down Syndrome

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Ivy is from Chicago and is currently four years old and has Down syndrome. This however does not stop her and she is proving at a very young age that she has all the qualities for being a perfect model.

The American Girl Sensation

Ivy was chosen to be one of the models for the October edition of the American Girl Catalogue.

Team Work

Ivy is seen wearing a beautiful red dress and is modeling along with another little lady which Ivy holds an American Girl baby doll.

A Mother’s Dream

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Ivy’s mom Kristin has every right to be super proud of her. Ivy is one of four girls and Mom feels that having a child with Down syndrome in a spotlight such as this serves as a representation for all the other children who have this condition.

Going From Being An Effort To Being Natural

Kristen is extremely happy that more companies are now making an effort to use children in their print materials that have different forms of disabilities. It is her hope that this will become the norm instead of having to be something that has to be consciously worked at.

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Ivy’s wonderful four-year-old personality shines through her looks making her ideal for this type of modelling. No doubt this little one has a bright future ahead of her.

Other Models With Down Syndrome

Ivy may be one of the younger models with Down syndrome but she is not the only one. In fact, Ivy was joined by other models in this category as well as influencers, that included:

  • Kate Grant
  • Lauren Potter
  • Sofia Sanchez
  • Jack Brumpton

Lauren Potter

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Lauren has been an ambassador for the Down syndrome community for several years. She is well known for her part during six seasons in Glee where she plays Becky Johnson. Lauren was named as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Special Olympics 2015 Summer Games.

Kate Grant Fulfills Her Dreams

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Kate is also part of the Down syndrome community and has many accolades to her name. She was the first person with down syndrome to win a beauty pageant but she also had additional aspirations. She wanted to walk the catwalk which This Morning made possible. She received a makeover and was a natural as she strutted along the catwalk.

Jack Brumpton


Jack is making sure that the males in the Down syndrome community are being well represented in the modelling industry. Jack has become a modelling sensation and is on the road to becoming a supermodel in the UK. Jack is a real head-turner, with his good looks and natural talent.

These are just some wonderful examples that aptly prove that children or anyone with Down syndrome should not be underestimated.

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