Andrea Bocelli & His Wife Singing Is The Most Romantic Thing

January 7th, 2019

Beautiful Italian Architecture? Check. Handsome silver fox? Check. Gorgeous lady? Check. Famous love song? Check. This video is so romantic, it feels unreal!

Italy has long had a reputation as being one of the most stunning and romantic places in the world.

While that reputation can seem cliche, this video shows that yes, it really is everything it claims to be.

The lucky attendees of this open-air concert saw something amazing.

Everyone else has to make do with the video.

In the incredibly picturesque (even by Italian standards) village of Portofino, Andrea Bocelli headlined a phenomenal concert.

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Andrea Bocelli/YouTube Source: Andrea Bocelli/YouTube

The tickets must have been incredibly expensive, but they were certainly worth it for the breathtaking experience.

The video opens with Bocelli’s producer explaining how the musician’s wife performed a demo of a cover of Something Stupid for his latest album. But everyone loved the demo so much, they asked Bocelli’s wife to perform for the final recording.

Then they show the audience just how special the performance is in the best possible way.

They have Bocelli and his wife, Veronica, sing a duet of Something Stupid, or Qualche Stupido, for the audience.

The song begins with the couple sat at a table among the audience. The camera pans around, taking in the beautiful town, which has ancient looking buildings trimmed with lights and a dock filled with cute fishing boats.

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Andrea Bocelli/YouTube Source: Andrea Bocelli/YouTube

The concert takes place on a beach just in front of the dock.

Whoever decided to hold a Bocelli concert there is a genius. The location looks like the artist is relaxed and at home. And that allows the audience to see something really special and intimate.

The performance between Bocelli and Veronica, his wife, is filled with love and romance.

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Andrea Bocelli/YouTube Source: Andrea Bocelli/YouTube

They stare and smile at each other throughout, in a way that shows how deeply in love they must be.

At the end, they kiss and the audience explodes with applause and tears, so moving is the performance.

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Andrea Bocelli/YouTube Source: Andrea Bocelli/YouTube

So who is Veronica, the woman that Andrea Bocelli is obviously head over heels in love with?

Her full name is Veronica Berti. As anyone who watches this video knows, she is a fantastic singer in her own right. But she’s also worked as an actress. She first came into Andrea Bocelli’s life in the 2000s, when she became his manager. She now runs her husband’s charitable foundation.

She and Andrea married in 2014, after many years of dating. They have one child together.

It’s unlikely that any women reading this article can take Veronica Berti’s place in Andrea Bocelli’s heart, but visiting the place where they sang the duet is much easier.

They sang Something Stupid in the sleepy Italian village of Portofino, Italy, in the province of Genoa.

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Flickr Source: Flickr

It’s filled with buildings that are hundreds of years old, including the Church of St. Martin, which dates back to the 12th century.

Many illustrious figures have been drawn to the village throughout history, including King Richard the First of England, Pope Gregory the 11th and many notable painters.

And one thing that shows that it’s a genuinely breathtaking Italian village, and not a tourist trap, is that Italian companies hold it in high regard. For instance, Ferrari recently named a sports car after Portofino.

If you want to visit Portofino with your partner, well it certainly beats Florida as the next vacation spot!

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Flickr Source: Flickr

After seeing that video with Bocelli and his wife, anyone would want to spend a romantic week or two with their significant other in that stunning location.

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