Watch This Compilation Of All The Best Movie Dance Scenes Set To 'Footloose'

July 2nd, 2018

When we think of “Footloose” we think of dancing. The song from the movie based on the same name is basically the ultimate dance anthem. Not only is the 1984 musical drama about a small town that forbids dancing, but the movie’s theme song is also about busting out some sweet moves.

And the movie is actually based on a true story.

Dancing in Elmore City, Oklahoma had been illegal for almost a hundred years from 1898 t0 1980. So, when the junior class of Elmore City High School wanted to hold a school prom in 1980 they literally had to change the law to do so.

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“We had all grown up watching ‘American Bandstand,’ ‘Happy Days,’ even the ‘Andy Griffith Show,’ they would talk about the community dance. It was just what I thought was normal for a community to do,” Leonard Coffee, the 1981 Elmore City graduate who proposed the prom as a junior class officer told NewsOK. “We wanted to dance.”

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Just like in the movie, the concept sparked outrage among some neighbors.

Some of the religious residents believed that dancing was immoral.

It actually caused quite a divide in town.

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“We had to remain respectful no matter what was said to us,” said Coffee, shown in the photo above with his fellow classmate Mary Ann Temple-Lee who the story is also based on.. “We had everything to lose and nothing to gain by getting into an argument or a fight. But there were several townsfolk that it did become an issue. And it was almost neighbor against neighbor for a few folks.”

Source: The Oklahoman Video Archive

Most of us can’t imagine a world where we can’t dance.

It’s a great American pastime.

That’s why dancing is at the forefront of some of America’s favorite films, such as “Dirty Dancing, “Flash Dance,” and “Saturday Night Fever.”

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One internet genius decided to bring all these films who celebrate dancing together.

And the results are absolutely incredible.

They created the perfect medley of dance scenes set to the song “Footloose” which was co-written and recorded by singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins.

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In this great compilation, you’ll scene dance scenes from the dance movies mentioned above as well as other movies where the film’s actors kick off their Sunday shoes and get footloose.

Some of the films featured are “American Pie” where Jason Biggs dances in his underwear and “Clerks 2” where Rosario Dawson teaches Kevin Smith to dance.

It also features another famous musical, “Grease” and even the sexy scene from “True Lies” where Jamie Lee Curtis does a sexy dance for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Basically, this video is ALL the things and just makes you feel super happy.

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It might even inspire you to get up and bust out a few moves of your own. Check out the video below and see it yourself.

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