Teen Gets Birthday Surprise Hidden In Cereal Bag

October 4th, 2018

For a lot of teenagers turning 16, they eagerly await this birthday more than any before it. That’s because 16 is the age at which you can get your driver’s license, and hopefully, if you’re lucky, your own car.

Having a car means more than just owning a set of wheels. It means independence, freedom, the option to go anywhere you want. There’s no need to depend on your parents anymore, which means that, yes, finally, you’re becoming a real adult human.

When this one teen started opening his gifts, he was a really good sport about it, because the gifts he was receiving weren’t anything all that special. Present after present he pulled ended up being another snack. Big deal, right?

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He smiles through all of it, showing that he has a good heart and really does deserve the huge surprise that’s waiting for him.

Then, when he gets to a wrapped gift, his expectations immediately go up. He eagerly tries to remove the bow to see what’s hidden underneath the silver paper.

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When he finally is able to tear it open, he finds yet another item you can find at the grocery store, this time from the cereal aisle. It seems, though, that this is no ordinary cereal box. His parents behind the camera urge him to open it up and look for a special prize hidden inside.

Working his way through the sugary cinnamon cereal, he digs and digs for the hidden prize.

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When he finally finds it, he falls to the ground in total disbelief. What did he find?

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A car key!

Now, the only thing left is to find out what kind of car his parents have so generously purchased for him. Maybe something used and affordable? Something not-so-fashionable, but safe and functional? He won’t find out until he finds his car in the huge parking lot.

When he presses the key, he hears the locks beep and sees something that totally floors him. Is what he thinks he sees for real? He can’t know for sure until he gets closer.

Leaping into the air and smiling as wide as humanly possible, he makes his way to his big birthday gift.

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And? It’s better than he could have ever imagined. He can hardly control his excitement!

He must be a really amazing kid because he’s way luckier than most kids his age. He must have done some amazing things to deserve this gift: straight A’s, going above and beyond with his chores, charity work, winning science fairs and debate competitions… the works!

Personally, I can’t imagine ever getting a gift this huge, let alone when I was 16. Can you?

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The look on his face and his reaction, in general, are totally priceless. What an awesome thing that his parents caught it all on tape so that he and his family have this moment to look back upon for the rest of their happy lives.

It’s no wonder that this video has 21 million views and counting on Facebook, as well as nearly 10,000 comments.

One comment read:

“He must be a hell of a kid. Spoiled kids don’t react like that, I’m sure he knows a thing or two about responsibilities. He was happy with the cereal as his present.“

To which another Facebooker replied,

“That’s right….but the question no one ask is…. How in the world was that key inside of a closed cereal bag!?”

Now that’s a good question! I wonder how his parents pulled that one off.

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16-Year-Old Boy Gets Car for Birthday

The best surprise ever 😉Credit: JukinVideo

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