Boomers Can Identify Every Object In This Quiz Without A Second Thought
I am always amazed by the items we didn't realize would change the world!
Kate Miano

Maybe everyone starts to get a little bit nostalgic when they think of the belongings they held near and dear when they were kids and young adults. I mean, Millennials are still talking about Tamagotchis.

But the items that define the Baby Boomer generation are even more fun to look back on and reminisce. Back in the day, Boomers used some items pretty regularly that kids these days could never identify.

Back before just about everything was digital, the world looked a little different.

flickr - Cahroi
flickr - Cahroi

You might even argue it was better. There were all sorts of games that let you really use your imagination and goof off with your friends and family. Remember Barrel of Monkeys or Rock ‘Em Sock “Em Robots? Don’t tell me you didn’t have some of your biggest laughs ever playing with those toys.

flickr - Mike Mozart
flickr - Mike Mozart

Fashion was different too. In some ways, it was more expressive and vibrant. There is nothing quite like a mood ring to let the world know what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. And while kitten heels are still in style, Boomers invented the look.

You may not necessarily want to go back in time, but you can always reminisce on a special era.

flickr - adrigu
flickr - adrigu

Every generation has their defining objects and experiences. It will always be fun to look back and think about some unique and cool experiences you had that kids these days will just never understand. And that’s their loss. Take our quiz, or test your kids and grandkids, and see exactly what quintessentially Boomer items you remember.

Take our quiz, and then check out the tutorial below for bringing back the bouffant hairdo!

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Boomers will pass this quiz with flying colors!

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Name the object! 

(Image: Flickr - Iobo 235)

Question Image

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Baby boomers had pet rocks.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Question Image

3 / 10

This is a

(Image: Wikimedia Commons )

Question Image

4 / 10

This is a ______.

(Image: Flickr - Mia Payne)

Question Image

5 / 10

This hairstyle is the ________.

(Image: Flickr - Lorena Cupcake)


Question Image

6 / 10

Looks like a classic ____ dinner.

(Image: Flickr - adrigu)

Question Image

7 / 10

That's a very lovely _____ you're wearing.

(Image: Flickr - Jessica K.)


Question Image

8 / 10

Boomers might call these:


(Image: Flickr - McKay Savage)


Question Image

9 / 10

Name the object:

(Image: MattCC716 - Flickr)

Question Image

10 / 10

What is this on the wall?

(Image: Flickr - Bradley Gordon )

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By Kate Miano
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