Student's "Billie Jean" Would Have Michael Jackson Impressed

April 16th, 2019

Seventeen-year-old Brett Nichols, a Pitman High School student, became instantly internet famous after performing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” at his school’s talent show.

His moves were so precise and enthusiastic that it brought everyone in the stadium to their feet. It had to be seen to be believed. This Michael Jackson impersonation was perfect.

A video of it quickly swept the internet and gained more than 60 million views on YouTube and other platforms. Michael Jackson fans were among those sharing it the most.

It was such a huge success on the internet that they just had to invite him to perform his Michael Jackson impersonation in person on ABC’s The View.

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Brett Nichols via YouTube Source: Brett Nichols via YouTube

An Encore Performance

As Brett was introduced, they had to talk about his California high school and how he won the student talent show there that had made him so famous.

Brett was crouched at end of a stage at The View during his introduction, looking perfect for the part in full Michael Jackson attire, including the glove and heavily gold accented jacket. He was ready to start dancing in the way that we used to believe only the legacy could.

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Brett Nichols via YouTube Source: Brett Nichols via YouTube

He stood on the stage, his back to a classic Michael Jackson music video dark alley scene that had been projected on the wall. And then the music started. His hat instantly went on in what is a classic Michael Jackson move – and that is when the dancing began.

Everyone clapped along as he hit every single choreographed Michael Jackson move perfectly without even half a second to pause in-between.

His performance was just as stellar, if not more so, than the talent show Michael Jackson impersonation that he had become famous for. H may have polished his moves even more between the talent show and his television debut.

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Brett Nichols via YouTube Source: Brett Nichols via YouTube

Every single person in the audience was standing as they watched the amazing performance up close. It was like Michael Jackson’s spirit was back up on that stage one more time to enthrall and entertain us.

Brett definitely knows every Michael Jackson move inside and out. His every move, but especially his moonwalk, is to die for.

The energy that he brought to the performance was incredible. He nearly floated off the stage when he jumped because he had so much life in him. When the song was over, Brett had to catch his breath for a moment after putting his all into that performance.

It was a performance that got the famous singer’s Billie Jean song back onto the charts and into our collective hearts and minds once more. Brett had that much of an impact.

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Brett Nichols via YouTube Source: Brett Nichols via YouTube

The View

Of course, with it being The View, they had to get him to teach them a few moves. First, he taught them Michael’s signature move. Then they all tried the pelvic thrust to the amusement of the audience.

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Brett Nichols via YouTube Source: Brett Nichols via YouTube

As for his advice on how to perfect your own Michael Jackson moves, Brett says it takes three things: energy, practice, and the most important thing – remembering to have fun. That’s the key – having fun with the dance and the music, just like the man who introduced it to us long ago.

Watch the video to see what you missed:

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Source: Brett Nichols via YouTube