Ways Your Cat Says "I Love You"

January 15th, 2018

Do you live with a cat?

If so, you’ve probably thought more than once “does this cat even like me?” Because, as all cat lovers know, felines can be pretty elusive. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t going to jump up and down whenever you come home. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you!

Cats have their own particular set of ways to express their love and affection for their owners. The easiest way to pick up on if your cat is happy and in a loving mood is if they are purring.

When a cat purrs, that is basically an open invitation to pet them and shower them with affection.

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Personally, I know that my one cat, Jasper, loves to dole out love by rubbing up against me. He will find me every day in our house, just to rub around my legs and then hop onto my lap.

The folks at Cole and Marmalade created this adorable video to show all of the ways that a cat will say “I love you,” featuring their adorable black and ginger cats.

In the video, we get some classic ways to tell that your cat is saying “I love you,” like:

Exposing their belly
Bunting (bonking their head into you)
Scratching your chair
Butt presenting/rubbing on you
Approaching you with their tail straight up
Leaving you gifts
Giving you love bites

Some of these seem obvious, but like purring and kneading. There is nothing more relaxing than laying down, with your cat laying on you while they purr and knead on you until you fall asleep.

Other things on this list show that while your cat loves you, they also want to make sure you know that they own you too!

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Many Facebook users who saw this video shared the ways that their pets show them love, and in turn, let their owner’s love them back. One woman wrote about how her cat takes care of her when she’s feeling upset:

I suffer from depression and when I have bad days and don’t feel good she let’s me rest my head on her and even fall asleep there and never complains she also sleeps on on curled up between my arms when I am sick she’s my little therapy kitty I’m so lucky to have found her

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Another commenter shared a different method that their cat uses to express love:

My one cat won’t headbutt but she will face sniff! She likes to get her nose right into the corner of my eye and leave me with a few forehead licks. Here she is snuggling me.

Do your cat do any or all of these signs to say “I love you”?

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