Quaint Pink Trailer Contains Treasures From The Past

February 15th, 2018

Traveling cross-country in an RV is not something most of us have the opportunity to do. We are tied down to our daily jobs, and taking an extended vacation leave to travel the country is difficult to do.

But what if traveling the country in an RV was a part of your job?


Corrabelle Rose is a traveling vintage and antique treasures business. It’s two business owners travel the country in a pink RV and sell vintage and antique treasures. At various locations throughout the United States, Corrabelle Rose sets up shop. They attend flea markets, antique shows, and farmer’s markets all over the country.


Two business partners, who were also close friends, travel around the United States in a quaint pink camper looking for the ultimate treasures from the past. There’s even space in the camper to take their adorable dog, Petunia.


The owners used to travel and stay at motels, but they grew tired of that lifestyle. They bought a 1988 Fleetwood Trailer to solve their problems, and it’s become the main component of their on-the-go business.


They are always on the lookout for relics from the past. They specifically look for old-fashioned fabrics, chic accessories, and vintage furniture.


One of the owners, Donna Corr, blogs about the adventures of the business on the road. She says they look for items that are reminiscent of what you would find in a Parisian apartment.


The mobile camper is adorned with pink-colored accessories, matching the exterior.


Rose and floral patterned fabrics are woven throughout the “cottage on wheels” as they call it.


Corrabelle Rose’s owners clearly love pink. They even have a quaint pink microwave.


As the business grew and they loved the idea of a business on-the-go, the owners purchased a second home for the road. It matches the pink color theme of the original camper.


The trailer comes fully equipped with a portable outdoor dining area. It must be awesome to set up shop and eat a meal anywhere around the United States.


There’s even a nice breakfast nook in camper. This lovely kitchenette has a vintage feel to it.


Even the bathroom mimics a Parisian style.


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