Superstar Makes Terminally Ill Fan’s Dream Come True

October 29th, 2018

Music stars lead busy lifestyles. Aside from writing and producing new hits all day long, they are involved in other creative ventures like designing perfumes or colognes, modeling clothing, or cutting the ribbon at a new nightclub or restaurant. Some even do charity work.

No matter how you spin it, they are very busy people with hectic schedules. But some find it in their hearts to make room for deserving fans.

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madisonallyne via Instagram Source: madisonallyne via Instagram


Meet Marissa English. She’s 25 years old, and sadly, was born with many severe health conditions. Some of these include an inoperable cyst on her brain, scoliosis, and cerebral palsy.

She has been a patient at the Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio, and everybody there knows her as the No. 1 fan of country star Keith Urban.

The nurses who tend to Marissa started a campaign on social media to make the young woman’s dream of meeting Keith come true. They hoped the message would meet with the star before he stopped in town for his tour.

Laura Biel, one of the nurses at St. Vincent’s, wrote:

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Laura Biel via Twitter Source: Laura Biel via Twitter

This was the tweet that helped Marissa’s ultimate dream come true and it was absolutely spectacular!


Good news arrived when the message reached Mr. Urban, and he stopped by the hospital to see Marissa. He made a special trip to visit with her and sing her favorite tune, “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

It is truly touching the way she lip-syncs the words along with his singing. For Marissa, this is truly the moment of a lifetime, and we can only imagine the joy she feels!

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Kristi Coe Fredrick via Facebook Source: Kristi Coe Fredrick via Facebook

You can see her smile as she looks at the singer performing the song. He holds her hand tightly, making the moment even more special. Keith’s relaxing voice seems to soothe and at the same time invigorate Marissa as she listens along. It is an absolutely priceless moment, not just for them, but for everyone who had the opportunity to be there and see it, and for those of us who get to see it through the magic of video too

Aside from singing to Marissa, he also posed with her for a few photos. The photos themselves are sheer tearjerkers and will absolutely bring a ray of sunshine to your day.

Marissa’s family posted their gratitude on social media. This meeting meant the world to them, and they were happy their loved one could visit with her favorite singer. CountryMusicFamily’s site reports them as saying,

“Keith Urban, you are such a class act…we could never express how much this meant to us.”

– Madison Allyne on Instagram

Marissa’s sister even wrote that his sincerity and kindness moved her to tears.

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Kristie Coe Fredrick via Facebook Source: Kristie Coe Fredrick via Facebook

To make things even better, Keith did an amazing thing that night at the show. He dedicated the entire performance to her. He told the entire crowd about meeting his No. 1 fan and said the following:

“I got to meet a beautiful girl named Marissa….We’re going to dedicate this whole show tonight to her.”

Her family was also at the concert that evening-we can only imagine how wonderful it felt to hear such nice words.

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Kristie Coe Fredrick via Facebook Source: Kristie Coe Fredrick via Facebook

We hope the very best for Marissa and her family as time goes on. Keep on rockin’ and rollin’, and enjoy each and every day surrounded by family, friends, and of course good music.

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Posted by Kristi Coe Frederick on Thursday, October 18, 2018

Source: Country Music Family