Dad Creates Roaming Dinosaurs With A Projector

July 25th, 2018

Many children dream of the perfect bedroom. They deserve to have their own space to rest, relax, play, and have fun. One little girl is lucky enough to have a father who works as a stagehand for Las Vegas shows. He has the skills and experience to create amazing shows.

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Lyle Coram Source: Lyle Coram

He is using this skill to give his daughter, Shelby, an amazing bedroom, too.

He recently created a special-effects show that makes it look like there are dinosaurs living in her backyard.

Not only can she see the dinosaurs, she can actually interact with them. Her father set up a projector screen to create the Jurassic scenes, and the young girl loves it. She plays with the dinosaurs like they are real.

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Lyle Coram Source: Lyle Coram

This isn’t the first time Lyle has surprised Shelby with something awesome.

He recently remodeled her bedroom into a Disney wonderland. It’s decorated from wall to wall, and she even gets to watch the Disney fireworks displays right from her bed. He said:

“I wanted to remodel my daughter Shelby’s room with something fun and different. She is 7 years old and is in the first grade.”

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Lyle Coram Source: Lyle Coram

It may have taken some time to make the bedroom, but Shelby clearly loves it.

He explained the process:

“We started with the paint and carpet and decided to paint the sky on her ceiling. That’s when I thought it would be cool to have fiber optics for the stars, then I thought lightning would really be awesome.”

Now that the dinosaur backyard is finished, Lyle is turning his attention back to the Disney bedroom. He wants it to grow with Shelby and already has some plans for the future. He said:

“As she gets older, the only changes I’d see us making in the room is the furniture. We’ll probably need to replace the castle with a bed, but I don’t think anyone would outgrow the ceiling effects. I’m going to add a projector on the ceiling to project images on the carpet like water, grass, and lava.”

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Lyle Coram Source: Lyle Coram

All the hard work is worth it, though.

Shelby spends hours in her room playing every day, and she sleeps comfortably in it every night. Lyle added:

“When I see her playing or just reading a book in her room it really makes me happy. I feel like I really accomplished something amazing for her. I’m hoping she will tell her kids about her room one day and would want to do the same for them.”

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Lyle Coram Source: Lyle Coram

While the special effects he uses in her bedroom definitely pay off for Shelby, they also help Lyle.

He gets to practice his skills and perfect them for his job. He is clearly really good at what he does. His daughter tells him what she wants, and he makes it happen for her. Creating the room has also given them a chance to bond.

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Lyle Coram Source: Lyle Coram

They spend time working on it together, and she loves to tell her friends what her dad has done for her.

Lyle said:

“She really loves the room. She tells all her friends that I built it for her and that ‘I can do anything.’ That’s the best part of doing this. The room took about 3 months to do, but we just took our time and it all just came together.”

He added:

“I’m a stagehand with IATSE LOCAL 720 and I work at Paris and Bally’s Las Vegas, so this type of work comes naturally to me.”

Shelby knows firsthand how good her dad is at his job. As she gets older, her tastes may change, and she may want to have her room remodeled again. When this happens, she knows exactly who to turn to. Good old Dad will get the job done for her. Wonder what he will do to some of the other rooms in the house? The possibilities are endless.

Watch the video below.

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Source: Daily Mail, Lyle Coram