Dog's Identity Confirmed When He Sings TV Theme Song

January 4th, 2019

Some dogs are smarter than others.

It turns out that this dog breed has had a special talent all along…

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Anyone who owns a Siberian Husky will tell you that they can produce quite a range of noises. While they don’t bark too often, they do love to whine as loud as can be.

But the Siberian Husky in this video proves that their whining can actually form the tune of a song!

Sadly, the dog has been through some difficult times.

He and his owner live in Beersheba, Israel. Over the years, they have formed an incredibly strong bond, as only humans and dogs do.

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But one day, tragedy struck.

On a walk, a large truck spooked the poor dog, making him tear free from his owner’s grip. He ran so fast that the owner couldn’t keep up.

The dog was lost.

Luckily, a few days later, some teenagers found a Siberian Husky with a matching appearance. It was roaming in a field not too far from the site where the owner’s dog had gone missing.

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As good citizens, the teenagers handed the dog over to the authorities.

When the Israeli police were given the dog, it was in a terrible state. He hadn’t eaten for days and was very weak.

They fed it and comforted it, which helped greatly.

The police were fairly sure that this dog was the one that had been reported missing by the distressed owner.

However, the owner was out of town. He couldn’t identify the dog in person. But then he had an amazing idea.

It turns out that his dog has an amazing talent, that would prove that he was the right dog.

On the phone, the owner told the police to play the theme song to the old Israeli sitcom Shemesh (it’s basically the Israeli version of Seinfeld.)

Initially, the officers were confused as to why this old TV show was so important. But they decided to do it anyway, curious to see what would happen.

Then the dog did something crazy!

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The Jerusalem Post Source: The Jerusalem Post

He stood alert, recognizing the song. His eyes became much, much happier. And then he actually started singing along with the song.

He howled loudly, matching the notes of the Shemesh theme.

It turned out that Shemesh was the owner (and the dog’s) favorite TV show. They would both sing along whenever an episode was starting.

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The Jerusalem Post Source: The Jerusalem Post

And by hearing that song, the dog realized that everything was about to get better.

Needless to say, the police were 100% convinced that this was in fact the owner’s dog.

They said that they would look after him for a few days and even play him some episodes of Shemesh, so that he could stay happy!

And then the owner came to pick the musical Husky up. Luckily, the Israeli police were able to capture the moment on camera.

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The Jerusalem Post Source: The Jerusalem Post

It’s incredibly heartwarming.

In the video, both the dog and the owner are overjoyed and hug each other.

The vocal Husky appears to tell the owner that he missed him. The owner says the same.

Specifically, the owner says:

“I cried the whole way here! You poor thing.”

Later he said to the officers:

“Thank you. Thank you so much.”

After the video stopped recording, the reunited owner and dog headed home.

They probably watched many, many more episodes of Shemesh.

The dog may not be able to sing every note or be in key, but his performance is certainly better than some of the contestants on American Idol!

Watch the video below.

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Source: The Jerusalem Post