Dog Twins Get Separated - Later They Are Reunited Forever

January 11th, 2019

Brotherly and sisterly love is felt between animals as well as humans. The heartwarming story of these two dog twins proves that beyond a doubt.

No one knows how Everest and Fuji came into the world.

They are two Newfoundlands. The first that anyone knew about them, they were wandering the streets together, constantly searching out scraps of food.

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They had nothing in life except each other.

They were inseparable and had never been seen apart. Thanks to their support of one another, they always managed to get by.

But then one day, the people that lived on the street where they often roamed saw that something had changed.

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Everest was wandering around alone. It had been a while since the people had seen the dogs on their street.

Fuji was nowhere to be seen.

Though they were strays, the dogs had been friendly and appeared to be well fed, so the residents hadn’t called any authorities.

But now something was different.

Everest was looking incredibly thin and sad.

A family that had regularly fed the dogs took him in and called Hope for Paws, an animal rescue society.

Hope for Paws took Everest in. They fed him and housed him. But he was still down. Nothing could make him happy. Eventually, the charity found a family that adopted Everest.

But still, Everest was an unhappy dog.

However, a few months later, Hope for Paws got a surprising call.

Two sisters that were living together had found a Newfoundland that matched Everest’s description. He had been wandering the streets, but they were now taking care of him.

The volunteers were confused. Was it Everest, or could it be the dog’s long lost twin, Fuji?

Hope for Paws drove to the sisters’ home, still confused.

When they arrived they saw the dog. It looked very similar to Everest. But there were definitely differences. It was another dog. It was actually the missing brother, Fuji.

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Like Everest, Fuji seemed depressed.

Hope for Paws took him from the sisters.

No one knows what had happened to Fuji, but he was covered in ticks and fleas. Perhaps he had got lost in a forest and couldn’t find Everest again.

Hope for Paws called up the new parents of Everest and explained that they believed that they had found the dog’s twin brother.

Initially, the owners were reluctant for them to meet. After all, one large dog is a lot of responsibility.

But the Hope for Paws volunteer on the phone explained that Everest and Fuji were best friends. They would likely be so happy to see each other.

So the owners agreed.

They said that Fuji could come to see Everest.

The Hope for Paws van arrived at the home shortly later. They walked into the yard of Everest’s parents.

The door opened and Everest came rushing out. Fuji got free from the Hope for Paws volunteer.

Both dogs ran to each other, hugged and played with one another in the yard.

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Everest’s parents admitted that they had never seen Everest looking so happy.

It was clear that the dogs were meant to be together.

Everest’s parents agreed to adopt Fuji, realizing that they would form one big happy family.

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Now Everest and Fuji can spend every day in each other’s company.

They never have to worry about finding food again.

And the owners are overjoyed at having two dogs that bring joy into their lives every moment of the day.

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Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel