A Doggy Daycare Employee Took A Picture - And It Is Priceless!

June 7th, 2018

We all love seeing our pets feeling loved and happy. Some pet owners take their dogs to daycare so that they can get the socialization and attention that they want.

Well, there’s a picture that proves how important doggy daycare is! At Go Fetch Dog Daycare and Boarding in Ohio, about 40 dogs gathered around to “take” a selfie.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 dog selfie
Go Fetch Dog Daycare via Facebook Source: Go Fetch Dog Daycare via Facebook

The perfect shot

It’s pretty amazing that almost all of the dogs were paying attention when an employee named Tara told them to look at her. She explained to The DoDo how she was able to take the picture and said, “They gathered around the gate and I said, ‘Hey guys! Look at me!’ And I took the picture.” That’s impressive!

Since the picture was shared on the daycare’s Facebook page, it’s been receiving a lot of attention. It’s gone viral—and everyone is loving it!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 doggy daycare selfie
Go Fetch Dog Daycare via Facebook Source: Go Fetch Dog Daycare via Facebook

Smiling for the camera

It looks like some of the pups are smiling. Others opted for sillier facial expressions. Still, a handful of them decided to look the other way. Hey, perfection is hard!

Who would have thought that this happy selfie could spread so quickly? Well, now we can see why! It’s an amazing picture!

Photoshop madness!

A few talented folks over on Reddit have decided to play around with the image on Photoshop. They have added different backgrounds, such as a pirate ship. Somebody even attempted to recreate the Oscar selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Ellen photoshop
mandal0re via Reddit Source: mandal0re via Reddit

Another edited image includes almost all of the dogs’ faces being replaced with just one of the dog’s faces. There are certainly going to be more altered images to come from Photoshop pros. These edits just make the picture even funnier!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 dog photoshop
MartinMouritzen via Reddit Source: MartinMouritzen via Reddit

The best part is that these dogs are all great friends. They get along well, and they all go to daycare to hang out with each other.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 doggy photoshop
_FooL_ via Reddit Source: _FooL_ via Reddit

Best friends

The owner of the daycare, Matt Ramsey, shared that the dogs were trained to be around each other like this. They don’t require treats or reminders to keep being good boys and girls. They just do it!

Matt Ramsey also mentioned that he spent one-on-one time with the pups to train them. He wanted to make sure that they can play well together to create a better daycare experience overall. He seems committed to forming doggy friendships and running a great place for them to visit.

Their friendship is clear Some of them are pretty close to each other—maybe even too close!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 happy dogs
Go Fetch Dog Daycare via Facebook Source: Go Fetch Dog Daycare via Facebook

Even though all of these pups are trained and seem like good friends, we aren’t sure how Tara got them all in the picture so easily. She made it sound way too simple!

Tara also mentions their friendship, mentioning that “All the dogs in that picture know each other really well. They’re all friends. They come to daycare every day together.”

It’s so sweet that the pet owners and the daycare have this picture now to remember the bond that the dogs have with one another.

The Internet can be a not-so-great place sometimes, but it’s pictures like this that make it all worth it. If only we had even more animal selfies!

We’re looking forward to seeing even more dog selfies making it on social media. Imagine if animal shelters and zoos did the same thing!

It’s easy to say that this dog selfie is one of the best selfies we’ve seen in a while. It’s sure to boost anyone’s mood instantly!

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swiggle1 dot pattern2 happy dog
Go Fetch Dog Daycare via Facebook Source: Go Fetch Dog Daycare via Facebook

Source: The DoDo