Boy Challenges A 'Statue' To A Dance Battle - See The Action

November 15th, 2018

Human statues can be found in every city in America. It turns out that some of them have incredible dance moves, as this video shows!

The people in this shopping mall were treated to an incredible spectacle, an impromptu, high-octane dance off!

YouTubers Noster, aka Noah Kenaley, and The Millennium Robots are very talented people. Noster is a musician, dancer and artist (as well as other things.) The Millennium Robots are a group of performers that dance, dress as human statues and do much more.

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When Noster and The Millennium Robots decided to create something together, they had no idea how wowed people would be.

The video that Noster uploaded to YouTube begins in a simple fashion. The Millenium Robot member Eclypse starts moving to a Skrillex remix. Noster moves back, challenging the other to a dance off.

It starts slowly, with Noster mimicking the traditionally creaky movements of a human statue.

But then, he cranks it up and starts moving perfectly in rhythm to the beats.

The now sizable audience claps his initial performance.

Then the statue starts to move.

Like Noster, Eclypse is slow at first but starts moving at a rapid pace.

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Soon, a range of conventional and not so conventional dance moves start breaking out.

What’s amazing is that Eclypse manages to move so fast and so smoothly without even leaving his plinth. The audience claps Eclypse.

It isn’t clear who won the battle, but everyone watching is definitely wowed.

This video has become a huge hit online. To date, it has gained over 15 million views, 64 thousand likes and almost 3,000 comments.

But there’s tons more for people to enjoy.

As active YouTubers, both Noster and The Millennium Robots’s channels are filled with similar videos. In fact, they’ve also produced other dubstep dance battles.

Shortly after that first video went viral, Noster and Eclypse organized another public dance battle.

This one took place in a busy shopping street and had similar results.

The two dancers move to another Skrillex remix and draw a large crowd throughout their short battle.

Since these videos were uploaded, Noster’s subscriber count has increased to over 32 thousand individuals.

It also turns out that the dubstep dance battle community is thriving on YouTube! Anyone looking to procrastinate for several hours could do much worse than look at some of these videos:

For someone who’s craving more Millenium Robot action, then there’s this incredible offering.

The dancers move to a song by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. For people that just love watching moving statues, then they’re in luck. This video features two facing off against each other! It also lasts a whole seven minutes!

This dance battle took place in front of a movie theater, which is a shame, as the statues’ performance is sure to outshine any movie playing at the time.

For someone who doesn’t need their dubstep dancers to be dressed as moving statues, then there’s this 10-minute extravaganza titled “Craziest Dance Battle Rounds of 2K18.”

The video’s action doesn’t let the title down!

Dance battles from around the world are shown, with each having their own charm.

In fact, the channel that that video is hosted on, Dan Mezzer, has tons and tons of great dance battle content.

Another highly entertaining compilation is this one:

The dance battles on the above video all feature Salah Legend. From watching his moves, anyone is sure to agree that he must be one of if, not the best, dance battler ever!

Imagine if Salah Legend had a dance battle with Noster and/or The Millennium Robots. That would definitely be a video worth sharing!

Many people think that they’re a good dancer, but many people can’t dance as well as the guys and girls in these videos!

If anyone is looking to see a dance battle in person, then they’re in luck! There are a range of organizations that put on dance battle events worldwide. The biggest one that’s going to be coming to America in the next year is the World Hip Hop Dance Championship. It will be held in Phoenix, Arizona in August 2019.

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