Woman Saves Cat After Family Tries To Have Him Put Down

February 16th, 2018

Cats with personalities are the best kind of cats, right?

Every cat owner knows that one cat is not like their other. While it is safe to say that most calico cats are a little wilder than your average tabby cat, that doesn’t mean they’re all alike.

Just like humans, cats with personalities are special in their own way and that is why we love them!

But one family could not see what made their furry friend special and tried to get rid of him.

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Meet Odin.

Odin is a beautiful ragdoll cat whose life was almost cut too short, all because he was given a label. Apparently, Odin had an “attitude problem.”

When Odin was just a little over a year old, his previous family brought him to the shelter because they didn’t like his attitude. They felt like he was too energetic.

Anyone who’s ever had a kitten before knows that they are just bundles of energy. Perhaps this family hadn’t done their research ahead of getting Odin. Either way, they did not want to keep Odin.

But, the terrifying part of this situation was the family asked if the shelter would put Odin to sleep.

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Thankfully, the shelter did not do as the family asked.

“The shelter was appalled at the idea of someone wanting to put down a kitten just for being a kitten,” Alaina, Odin’s new mom, told The Dodo. “Instead, the shelter took him at that time.”

When Odin was brought in, it was clear he’d been suffering from neglect. He had an eye that was so infected, it wound up needing to be removed entirely.

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Even though Odin was now a one-eyed cat, that didn’t keep him from finding a new forever home.

“I just knew from my roommate that her friend had a ragdoll who was missing an eye that needed a home,” Alaina said to The Dodo. “So we met him, and were told the story behind him. It was so upsetting to hear what he had dealt with, and the love he needed going forward. We decided to adopt him and bring him into our family.”

Despite what his previous family said about him, Odin has fit right in with Alaina. He loves to sit by the window and look outside.

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“He also surprisingly likes to hop in the shower with you and take one himself! He’s very quirky. Overall, he’s a big sweet fluffy baby.”

Odin is just a sassy, big baby who is happy to be with a new family that loves him for him.

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Don’t you think Odin is just a beautiful boy? Thank goodness he has a new family that appreciates every little quirk he has.

If you’d like to see more of Odin, you call follow him on Instagram and keep up with all of his crazy antics.

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