Instantly Famous Sisters Sing Journey - While Doing Farm Chores!

October 9th, 2018

Farm work is never easy. It’s grueling and takes a lot out of you. But you would never think that was the case if you came across the Wright Family’s fun lip-syncing videos on Facebook.

This video of the Wright Sisters belting out and busting a groove to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” already has over 10 Million views on their Mom’s personal Facebook Page!

Singing to the cows

In the video, the three sisters sing and dance their hearts out while they do their daily chores such as shoveling hay and tending to the cows. At one hilarious moment, one of the sisters even busts out an actual rake to shred an awesome guitar solo!

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Nichole Countryman Wright via Facebook Source: Nichole Countryman Wright via Facebook

We just love how the trio is so into the performance, even crafting some impromptu choreography complete with hand gestures and dance moves in to the mix. It’s very clear that these girls just really love performing their favorite songs.

Now I’m sure you all are wondering: “How do the cows feel about this astounding musical performance?” We’ll we’ve reached out to them for comment but they have yet to return our emails.

We do get a sense that, based on their reactions from the video, they have witnessed quite a lot of these little musical interludes from the girls before. Given that some of them don’t even turn around to see what’s going on, it might be safe to say that this is a regular occurrence at the ol’ Wright Family barn.

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Nichole Countryman Wright via Facebook Source: Nichole Countryman Wright via Facebook

Instantly Famous (and the cows are fa-mooos too)

As of the moment, the trio and their endearing performance have been making the rounds on Facebook. Their video on their mom Nichole Wright’s personal page has gathered over 37 thousand likes, 79 thousand shares and over ten million views. It has also been picked up by other viral webpages boosting the signal even more. The Facebook page AgriLand has another 117 thousand reactions, 45 thousand shares and a whopping 14 million views!

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AgriLand via Facebook Source: AgriLand via Facebook

The sisters have reached quite an audience already. Nichola Malone from the Agriland Page comments:

“This is literally the best thing I’ve seen on the internet today!!! I hope they’re always that happy and dance their way through life. Love seeing kids enjoying life ”

Another commenter, Berhnie Mehan, also from the Agriland Facebook Page, has some positive words to entire Wright Family, his comment reads:

“Well you have 3 great girls there there (sic) a credit to you ,and they say music is good for the animals also ,work on a farm every summer for years great learning in it, keep Happy girls”

And finally, Debbie Ramirez Hoffart chimes in encouraging the girls to make more awesome content:

“This is so great I had to share these lovely hard working young ladies. Keep it up make another video. God bless”

More to come

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Nichole Countryman Wright via Facebook Source: Nichole Countryman Wright via Facebook

The Wright family seems to prefer to remain relatively anonymous during this brief brush with fame. They have not disclosed the sisters’ names or any other pertinent details to any of the sites that picked up the story. This further proves that great art just speaks for itself.

That said, the family has already uploaded a follow up to their hit Journey video. This one is to the tune of country music star Luke Combs hit single When it Rains, It Pours, a surprisingly catchy, upbeat song about heartbreak and moving on. As expected, the sisters bring their signature charm to the number and it is sure to be another hit in the making.

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Source: Nichole Countryman Wright via Facebook