Father-daughter duo shake up dance floor with super fun routine

June 3rd, 2020

Ah the father-daughter dance. Arguably the cutest part of any wedding… besides the vows, first kiss, and all the other beautiful moments shared between the bride and groom, of course!

This age old tradition always brings tears to the eyes of the audience, and is intensely emotional for both the bride and her father as well.

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It originally started as part of the “giving away” ceremony, or the dowry arrangement, where the father passes the care of his daughter onto her husband. This was not as cute of a tradition at the time, when brides were often being married off to strangers. Yikes!

But over the years, weddings have become more about choice, love, and the union of two families.

The father-daughter dance has remained a tradition, but now holds more focus about a father watching his little girl grow up and her move into the next stage of her life. Presumably with someone he trusts to love and take care of her!

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So while it’s not truly the last time a father and daughter will dance together, it has remained a key part of any wedding.

Most people choose a classic song and have a nice, relaxed slow dance together at the wedding reception in front of all their friends and family.

But some people like to do things a little differently.

Instead of having a slow and emotional dance, this new bride and her adoring father decided to switch things up a little.

iHeartRadio rounded up the 30 most popular father-daughter wedding dance songs. Unsurprisingly, Frank Sinatra’s famous “The Way You Look Tonight” made the list.

The pair chose to put a slight twist on the classic song, by using a cover done by Maroon 5. Is anything more swoon-worthy than Adam Levine’s voice?

They start out with a simple ballroom dance just like any other.

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Some little rascal who can’t be more than 5 years old comes bounding onto the dance floor, and touches the back of the bride’s dress.

I can only assume it’s her own son – but it’s unclear.

The crowd cracks up before someone calls him back to the sidelines so the bride can enjoy her dance with her father.

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A beat drops and the music picks up into something a little more rock n’ roll. This is when the real dancing starts!

The bride and her dad separate and start dancing to a routine. The crowd goes wild and roars with cheering and clapping.

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Neither of them strike me as professionals, so they must have been working on this together for months to prepare!

They’re nailing the routine, which is full of iconic dance moves.

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Including the ol’ reel it in, the macarena, and even the nae nae!

It would be quite the challenge for me to convince my dad to do the nae nae, I don’t know about you.

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You can see how much fun they’re having together, and what a great relationship they must have.

This is father-daughter goals right here!

They end the epic dance with a “dab” before seamlessly swinging back into ballroom dance, and the music cuts back to “The Way You Look Tonight”.

The father dips his daughter, and the crowd goes wild giving them a well-deserved standing ovation.

You can watch the heart-warming performance by clicking the video below!

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Source: Miranda King, iHeartRadio