Woman Refused To Dye Her Gray Hair But One Stylist Convinced Her And Now She’s Unrecognizable

September 13th, 2018

There’s nothing quite like a drastic haircut to make you feel like a totally different person. Whenever I notice that I’m feeling suffocated by my long hair, I know that it’s time to chop it all off and feel as transformed as a little caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

It may seem silly when you think too hard about it, but a change to your physical appearance can do wonders for your mood. You can get used to looking at yourself, and you may not notice when you let taking care of yourself fall slowly down your list of priorities.

Self-care is important! A small dose of vanity never really hurt anyone! Taking the time to do your nails, care for your skin with moisturizers and face masks, or allowing yourself the time to take a long bath with fancy salts or suds to relax after a hard day is essential to your all-around happiness. When you’re happier, you’re kinder to others.

So, really, when you’re taking care of yourself, you’re making yourself a more enjoyable and effective member of society. Get that fancy facial, it’s for the greater good!

Sometimes, you have to do something that’s just for you, and no one else.

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When Pat wanted a change, though, she wanted to do it as a fun thing to show her husband, which is also a good motivation to make a change! She wasn’t sure she wanted to do something too drastic. Her hair has turned grey, and she didn’t see herself dying it. But, placing her trust in the hairstylist, she let him go to town on her hair.

The change is pretty unbelievable! With a short chop and a little glaze, you can hardly recognize her!

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The biggest change, though, in my opinion, is that you can see pure joy radiating from her expression after the look. You can tell that she never even knew that she could look so good.

Sometimes, you have to do things that you’re unsure of or afraid to try to get the most out of life. If she didn’t give into the hairdresser’s plea to dye her hair, she never would have felt this amount of joy.

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This, of course, doesn’t only apply to your appearance. Maybe you need to make a drastic career change to make yourself happy, or sell all of your belongings and take your life to the road. Maybe all you need to do is go to the gym once and overcome your fear of judgment from all of the super buff folks that can lift way more weight than you can. But, maybe it is getting a crazy haircut or dying your hair bright red!

After her haircut, she and her sister made sure to take a seat on a patio on the street to show off both of their new looks.

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Can you blame her? She really looks so great. It’s like a decade or two has been totally erased!

I’ll bet that her husband is going to have to do a double take when he sees her for the first time. He loves her no matter what she looks like, but the fact that she wanted to do this for him is a sweet gesture.

This is a transformation for the books, folks. Does it inspire you to make a drastic change, too? The seasons are changing, maybe it’s time for you to do something different, too. Tell your hairdresser to go wild!

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