How To Clean Your Air Ducts

March 28th, 2018

If you’ve been having trouble breathing lately, or you’ve done some renovating in your home, you might need to clean your air ducts. While this part of the house shouldn’t be cleaned too often, fixing it up as needed will help ensure that your air system runs smoothly.

Dust and dirt can accumulate over time and cause various parts to move more slowly. In the age of DIY everything, many people prefer to tackle projects like these themselves. Here are 11 nifty tips for cleaning your air ducts.

Loosen The Screws

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Take out your screwdriver and open up the air duct by loosening the screws that hold it closed. Once you have access to the inside of the duct, you will be able to clean it.

Vacuum It Up

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Vacuuming is the fastest way to get all of the dust out of your air duct. Use a vacuum wand with strong suction to reach even farther into the airway.

Brush It Out

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Use a brush with thistles, like a toilet brush, to clean out the duct. Again, a long handle is a nice thing.

Cover The Registers

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Cover up the air registers with paper towels while you clean. This will prevent the registers from sucking up the dust and blowing it into other rooms.

Freshen The Furnace Filter

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If you need to clean your air ducts, it’s probably a good time to replace your furnace filter. You can buy one in stores or online.

Use Your Fan

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Keep the fan on to loosen the dust in hard-to-reach places. If your air system doesn’t have a fan function, try turning on the heat.

Tap Away

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You can loosen more dust by tapping the sides of the duct. Once it has been knocked loose, it will be easy to clean up.

Vacuum The Blower Compartment

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Turn off the power before cleaning this part of the system. Vacuum all the dust up before putting the panels back on the front of the furnace.

Enter The Duct Work

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The average rectangular duct system has removable end caps that allow you to get inside. Once you are in, you can put your brush and vacuum to work.

Ask For Help

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If the project seems overwhelming or your home has recently undergone a serious renovation, contact a professional. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Clean More Than Necessary

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This is the one thing you should never clean unless you have to. The EPA warns citizens to clean their ducts only as needed because of uncertainty about the health effects of this activity.

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