Jennie Garth's Daughter Gives Racy Answer On Family Feud

February 23rd, 2018

How does that phrase go… “kids just say the darndest things!”

Well, actress Jennie Garth learned this the hard way while filming an episode of Celebrity Family Feud with her family in 2017.

Except, Jennie’s daughter isn’t a little girl! At the time, Lola was 14 years old and she totally embarrassed her famous mother.

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Lola Ray Facinelli is the oldest daughter of Jennie and her ex-husband, actor Peter Facinelli.

Jennie and Lola appeared on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud, joined by Jennie’s new husband and Lola’s stepdad, Dave Abrams.

The family had to faceoff against the Massey family, which includes Chris Massey from Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 and Kyle Massey from Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven and Cory in the House.

When Lola was called up for her turn against Billy Massey, her response shocked host Steve Harvey and everyone else.

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As it works on Family Feud, Steve asked the question that they’d polled 100 people for:

“We asked 100 women, ‘Name something you’d love Steve Harvey to teach your man how to do better.'”

To which 14-year-old Lola said, “Sex.”

Let’s remind you, she is 14 and she responded sex, right to the man she was talking about’s face! And right in front of her mother and stepfather. Steve Harvey is king of the crazy facial expressions and his face here is pure gold.

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After she surprised everyone, Jennie had to put her head in her hands! Both Massey brothers couldn’t hold back their laughter either.

Steve said through his laughter, “me and Save are the most shocked people here!”

When the shock wore off, Steve checked the board to see if the answer “sex” was on the board. But it was not!

So, the Massey family got a chance to steal the round. Billy Massey said, “How to get dressed Steve!”

Have you ever heard a more racy answer from a 14-year-old on this show? We sure have not! You have to watch this video to see Jennie and Steve’s reaction to Lola’s answer.

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