Lower Your Cholesterol With This Simple Solution

February 27th, 2018

We have all heard of bad cholesterol. Even the Honey Nut Cheerios commercials talk about the negative effects of cholesterol, so it is clearly an issue that faces many consumers. While there are prescription medications that can help you get your cholesterol back under control, it is always better to do it the natural way.

Health experts created this recipe to help people lower their cholesterol without all the negative side effects of prescription drugs. Since this trick is comprised of common kitchen items, it is much less likely to produce the same problems, such as muscle pain and liver damage.

It is the liver’s job to filter out all of the toxins that we take into our bodies. Prescription medication may help with illness, but it often comes at a cost – one that our liver has to pay. This formula, however, is entirely natural and made of substances that are not harmful to the body. In short, this solution will reduce your cholesterol without all the horrible side effects.

All you need to kiss your cholesterol problems goodbye are lemons, garlic, and distilled water. Seems simple enough. After all, these ingredients are pretty common in the typical household.

First, peel four cloves of garlic. Next place four lemons in a strainer and pour boiling water over them. Since the lemons won’t be pealed, the hot water helps to kill any bacteria that may be living on the rhine. Blend the garlic and lemons together until the substance becomes thick.

Pour the mixture into a 3L jar, and pour 3 liters of distilled water over it. Next, place the lid on and wait. Keep the jar in your refrigerator for three days while it settles together.

Once your solution is ready, eat it after every meal. Just one or two tablespoons should do the trick, and your cholesterol will be back under control in no time. After a week, you may want to increase the amount of mixture that you consume after each meal. According to Healthdigezt, “proponents of this almost magical concoction say that you can enjoy clog-free blood vessels in just 40 days!”

It may sound too good to be true, but this solution is all too real. Lemons really do help reduce cholesterol. They are packed with vitamin C, which helps to remove the toxin from the blood. These yellow fruits are also rich in the flavonoids known as eriocitrin and limonite. Eriocitrin is believed to reduce cholesterol when consumed regularly, and limonite is thought to decrease “the production of apolipoprotein B, a substance in the liver associated with higher cholesterol levels.”

Garlic has also been proven to reduce bad cholesterol. Since this concoction utilizes the strength of two of the best cholesterol-fighting foods out there, it is the perfect all natural way to keep your cholesterol in check.

It is always better to choose natural substances over lab-made ones, and health decisions are no exception. Instead of putting some strange pill in your body, think about using fresh ingredients to keep your body happy and healthy.

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Source: Health Digezt