LeBron James sends over Mexican food truck for Getty Fire first responders

November 8th, 2019

California is no stranger to wildfires.

Another unfortunate incident has added to the string of wildfires that ravaged different areas of the state. It was on the 28th of October when the fire was initially reported. The wildfire in Los Angeles, California reportedly stemmed from a tree branch that broke off and landed in nearby power lines.

High wind conditions caused the impact of the tree branch to spark powerlines. The Getty Fire was said to have burned more than 650 acres, putting 7,091 homes in an evacuation. Since the spread of the wildfire, homes in surrounding areas were left either severely damaged or completely destroyed.

At the scene were firefighters from the Los Angeles Fire Department, joined by cooperating agencies like the LAPD, the Los Angeles County Fire Department, CAL FIRE, and more. Residents of the wildfire-prone area, including NBA superstar LeBron James, had to flee their homes quickly until the wildfire was contained.

After rushing to evacuate and find a safe place to retreat, the basketball star, incredibly appreciative of all the hard work he witnessed from the firefighters and cooperating agencies, decided to call for a well-deserved treat to reward firefighters for their bravery and provide nourishment.

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FOX10 Source: FOX10

Raul Ortega, owner of Mariscos Jalisco Mexican food truck, shared how a member of LeBron James’ team got in touch with him the day after to have taco trucks deliver food to the responders. James reportedly paid around $3,000 for the taco trucks, all of which were set up in the base camp used by the firefighters.

It elicited an enthusiastic response from the firefighters and responders, even prompting the city mayor to tweet his gratitude for the athlete’s thoughtful gesture:

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Twitter Source: Twitter

Two images showing firefighters lining up and enjoying warm meals accompanied the tweet. A few Twitter users responded by saying the athlete could have done and given more, given his financial status. However, the majority of the replies and retweets praised LeBron for remembering just how hard firefighters work and how much they risk each time they respond to fire alarms.

In an interview before the Lakers home game last Tuesday, the NBA star shared how he felt during the crucial moment when he and his family had to immediately evacuate.

“It’s just challenging at that hour, getting my family, getting my kids, getting everybody and having to evacuate at such a rapid, rapid rate. You don’t really have much time to think about what you can get or what you can do. You just got to get out and get to safety.”

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The Washington Post Source: The Washington Post

This experience led James and many others to realize just how much firefighters and first responders risk. Getty Fire responders were pleasantly surprised at the token of appreciation given by James.

It’s not everyday that a taco truck is sent over to the scene! After all, seeing to it that all residents have safely evacuated while trying to contain rapidly spreading flames takes an enormous amount of skill, courage, effort, and selflessness. Regardless of how some Twitter users reacted to the Mayor’s tweet, there’s no denying it was a thoughtful, well-deserved treat.

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