Little Boy Nails Every Move in Michael Jackson Dance Routine

February 22nd, 2018

Even though the King of Pop has been dead for nearly 9 years, his impact on the world is everlasting.

People around the world still listen to his music daily. His music has hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify, even though he hasn’t had new music in decades.

The best testament to Michael Jackson‘s lasting impression is the fact that little kids still dance to his music.

One little boy recently showed off moves that would make even MJ jealous, and it was all choreographed to Michael’s hit songs.

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10-year-old Lucas might have only been a baby when Michael Jackson passed away, but the young dancer is inspired by the hit singer.

In what appears to be a talent show, Lucas takes the floor and absolutely wows his audience. In the video, he wears MJ’s iconic military jacket and even has white socks on with his black dancing shoes.

To start out his performance, Lucas begins dancing to Michael’s hit song, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” and he doesn’t hold back.

After that, he launches into a routine to a medley of all of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits and the crowd around him is visibly impressed. Just listen to those cheers!

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Since the video was posted on Facebook on February 2, 2018, it has been viewed almost 50 million times. It has been shared over 1 million times and has over 830,000 likes.

Of the millions who have seen the video, many wished that Lucas could be seen on TV on a talent show on Ellen Degeneres‘s show, Ellen.

One Facebook commenter wrote:

He’s a handsome little boy and l love his dance moves He should be on somebody’s show so they can view his Talent

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What do you think of Lucas’s moves? Michael Jackson would definitely be impressed!

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10 Year old MJ fan dancing to Michael Jackson songs

10 Year old MJ fan dancing to Michael Jackson songs

Posted by Michael Jackson Still Alive on Thursday, February 1, 2018

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