Little Cowgirl Wins Hearts With Her Yodeling

December 3rd, 2019

What’s the cutest, rootin’est, tootn’est country-western thing you can imagine? Let’s list the top three from least adorable to most, here we go:

3. A tumble-weed wearing a tiny bowtie and monocle…

It seems like this tumble-weed probably owns property and is a fairly well-to-do gent. This doesn’t make sense with the tumble-weed’s nomadic lifestyle. Next suggestion.

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2. A coyote wearing a tiny cowboy hat and tiny cowboy boots…

Why is he wearing a hat? If he has a six-shooter, how does he use it without hands? This suggestion is also flawed.

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1. An adorable young girl beautifully singing “Cowboy Sweetheart” and yodeling…

Well that’s got to be it! This suggestion is without a doubt the cutest country-western thing imaginable. And what’s better is that we don’t have to imagine it, because it actually happened, AND it was recorded on video.

I present to you the tape of Ezra Noelle, the cutest little country singer west of the Mississippi (and probably east too).

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Little Ezra performed her rendition of “Cowboy Sweetheart” at the Centennial Rodeo Opry of Oklahoma Central, and wow did she blow her audience away! Her voice is so sweet and her stage-presence shows just how much of a star she is.

But it’s not just singing she does to win the hearts of everyone watching…

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Her yodeling is fantastic!

She’s got so much personality and has all the makings of a country-western superstar. She’s got the pep in her step that shows that she truly loves being up on stage and performing to her adoring crowd.

Yodeling is not a walk in the park and it’s way too easy to mess it up. You can quickly end up sounding like a squeaky bike horn or a voice-breaking pubescent boy. Ezra however, knows exactly what she’s doing on stage.

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Her performance also has all the makings of a country classic, clean electric guitar, a dobro (the twangy, sliding, face-up electric guitar) and drums.

Ezra’s stage presence is well beyond her years too! She seems so comfortable on stage.

I’s also clear that she’s got devout fans of her own. For her “Cowboy Sweetheart” video she has very flattering comments indeed. One reads:

“If that’s not the sweetest thing! Great talent for such a young person. Good luck Ezrah Noelle. Enjoyed your yodeling and boot action. haha sweet.”
That’s high praise! Another fans comments:
“So amazing! I just love this little girl so much! What a talent!!”
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Of course, she wouldn’t be a real little cowgirl without ending the performance with a triumphant “Yeehaw!” She seems very proud of herself and so she should be.

So while we may never see a monocled tumble-weed, or a cowboy coyote, we’re better off anyhow. We have the most adorable country-western thing that we don’t have to imagine thanks to the power of the internet.

Watch the full video below right-quick to hear just how rootin’ tootin’ this young star is!

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Source: grantsrodeoopry on Youtube