Woman Finds Item From Her Past At Goodwill

September 17th, 2018

They say that special things have a way of finding us again if they’re meant to be.

For the Lisi family, it took 40 years and 1,ooo miles to have something special returned to them.

That something special was a baseball glove that once belonged to their son when they lived in Ohio.

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Miraculously, Julie Anne Lisi says that glove wound up on a shelf of a Goodwill in Florida that she just happened to walk into.

She and her husband, Mike Lisi, will often stop by the Goodwill Super Store in Jupiter, Florida on Wednesdays before church.

Mike likes to collect Starbucks cups and mugs and Julie Anne likes to look for toys and other items she can send on mission trips.

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Palm Beach Post Source: Palm Beach Post

The Lisis hometown is Ohio, but they spend half the year in their Tequesta, Florida home. Julie Anne found her eyes being drawn to the bottom shelf of her favorite section in the Goodwill Store.

That’s when she spotted something that shocked her to her core.

“I just walked in and there sitting on the edge of a shelf on the bottom shelf was this mitt, sitting so that I could see the name, ‘Christopher Lisi’ on it,” Julie Anne told WPTV.

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The name was written in her own handwriting.

She recognized the glove as one her son lost 40 years ago when he was 12-years-old.

“She had a terrible look on her face,” Mike told My Palm Beach Post. “I said, ‘I don’t need a glove.’”

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He thought something was seriously wrong with her.

“My knees got wobbly and I got weak and scared,” Julie Anne said.

Their son Christopher accidentally left the game at the ballpark in 1978 but when he got up at sunrise and raced over there to get it the glove was gone.

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Julie Lisi Source: Julie Lisi

“I remember being really upset,” he said.

Julie Anne decided to buy the glove. Christoper said seeing the glove again reminded him “how fortunate I was back then and how fortunate I am now.”

“It’s like this is our miracle,” Julie Anne Lisi said.

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Goodwill has no idea how the glove made it all the way to Florida.

“There’s so much that comes in so many bags, boxes totes,” said Goodwill employee Sue Rounds. “There’s no way of tracking it either. It would have been fun to find out how.”

Learn more about this story in the video below.

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Source: WFLA News Channel 8