Man is trying to get rid of cockroaches, then accidentally blows up backyard

November 9th, 2019

Some people don’t mind sharing space with insects, then there are those who just can’t stand them. Especially when it comes to cockroaches

Cockroach Distaste

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Woman Not Happy

A lady was complaining that the cockroaches were ruining her garden and worse still she was nervous about these nasty looking critters.

Man Tries To Appease His Wife

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Hubby wanted to help his wife with the cockroach problem.

He decided to try using a type of insecticide to deal with the problem. However, all it did was cause the cockroaches to scurry about.

The Next Attempt

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Being as the pesticide wasn’t working he decided to resort to gasoline.

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He was trying to proceed with caution as he struck the match and tried to throw it on the gas at a distance.

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Each time he would throw the match he would quickly step back.


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He finally succeeded in igniting the gas, and as he did the whole backyard blew up.

The Canine Audience


During this entire process of getting rid of the cockroaches, there were two dogs laying on the grass close by watching the whole affair. Although they moved quickly when the yard exploded they didn’t seem to be hurt.

After Math

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As he stands looking at the aftermath, not sure whether he is in shock or looking for bodies of dead cockroaches. It’s not too sure when he managed to kill the cockroaches but one this is for sure and that is that he has a lot of new landscaping to do.

The Cockroach Infestation

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This lady is not the only person to have problems with cockroaches. Nor is Brazil the only place where they are found.

There are over 4000 species of this insect worldwide and they have the ability to be able to run equal to about 90 mph.

The Havoc They Can Cause

It is understandable why the Brazilian woman didn’t like the cockroaches but there is a Florida woman who now doesn’t like them either.

Cockroach Crawled Inside Woman’s Ear

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One woman spent 9 days dealing with a dead cockroach in her ear.

The woman lived in Florida where the cockroaches are called Palmetto bugs. She felt something in her ear and tried to clear it with an ear swab with not much success.

She Goes To Emergency Room

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The doctors can see that there are parts of a dead cockroach in the woman’s ear. They remove what they see and give her antibiotics and ear drops.

Next Several Days

The woman’s ear still doesn’t feel right.

She returns to the ER and they refer her to a ears, nose and throat specialist. He manages to remove several more parts of the dead cockroach consisting of the body, head and a long antennae. Previous removals had only extracted a few parts of the cockroach.

Not Impressed

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The woman was not impressed with the previous attempts to remove the full-grown cockroach and was quite upset with the medical professionals who had not completed the removal previously.

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