Couple Adopts 45 Dogs And Gives Them Land To Roam Free

September 2nd, 2018

It’s no secret that dog shelters aren’t the best places to live for our furry friends. There are a lot of shelters just brimming with homeless dogs waiting to find a new owner.

Unfortunately, most dogs would age and die in these shelters without ever finding a home or getting to play outside ever again.

Knowing these conditions, a Canadian man and his wife made it their life’s mission to find the most overlooked of shelter dogs and adopt them.

Fast forward to today; they’re living a life similar to that in 101 Dalmatians with their 45 dogs and a grey wolf.

This is their story.

It started in 2004

Mark Starmer and his wife Sharon adopted their first dog way back in 2004.

After encountering other dogs who were finding it hard to be adopted because of their old age and medical issues, they took it upon themselves to take these overlooked dogs in.

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Somedogsareangels via Instagram Source: Somedogsareangels via Instagram

Now, they have around 45 adopted dogs and one grey wolf running around safely and happy in their four-acre fenced property in British Columbia, Canada.

Just check out how lively these lucky pups are!

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Bored Panda Source: Bored Panda

Imagine coming home to this every day. Now, if that isn’t every dog lover’s dream, we don’t know what is.

Meet the family

Entering the Starmer family compound, you’ll be greeted by a rescued grey wolf (how cool is that?), one Portuguese Water Dog, one shar-pei, two poodles, four St. Bernards and about 10 Siberian Huskies.

While they get to run and play outside, the dogs also live inside with the Starmer couple who found the home after realizing that their former Alberta house couldn’t fit them all anymore.

Check out some of these adorable pictures of Mark with his dogs!

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Somedogsareangels via Instagram Source: Somedogsareangels via Instagram

Just look at that wide space the dogs can play in!

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Somedogsareangels via Instagram Source: Somedogsareangels via Instagram

The struggles of providing

Of course, caring for these many dogs isn’t easy. Vet bills, food, and grooming expenses are sure to pile up quickly.

Taking care of 46 furry pets is made possible by the Starmers’ hard work, the help of their friends, and a generous food supplier who supports their cause.

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Somedogsareangels via Instagram Source: Somedogsareangels via Instagram

Finding new homes

Aside from caring for their pack, the couple is also busy with spending their time and resources to find the right people who want to adopt some of their pups.

Mark even took a long trip to New Mexico to get one dog to their new home.

“As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to dogs, the end of the earth isn’t too far to go,” said Starmer in an interview.

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