A Man Turned An Old Grain Shed Into A $1.3 Million Home

May 28th, 2018

It takes a special kind of visionary to spot a diamond in the rough.

If it were anyone else who had seen this run-down barn in Norwich, England they would have just kept looking elsewhere. However, developer Rob Lond-Caulk is not like most people.

Lond-Caulk managed to transform the ramshackle grain shed into a piece of luxury real estate valued at almost 1 million British pounds (that’s 1.3 million dollars)! He sounds more like a magical sorcerer than a developer if you ask me, able to conjure an amazing domicile with the flick of the wand.

A marvelous metamorphosis

It took a year and a half for the developer to complete the entire project. Now the old barn, affectionately named “The Old Grain Store,” is an amazing dream home spanning 4,000 square feet. That’s quite a change from what it started as.

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The property has two floors with four massive bedrooms. There are also additional spacious living quarters to entertain guests during fabulous house parties or double as spare bedrooms or offices. It would be easy to get lost in the number of rooms the house contains.

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So many features inside!

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Among its more impressive features is a well-equipped, state-of-the-art kitchen. Here the multiple built-in ovens, coffee-machines, stove-tops, and refrigerators retract neatly and seamlessly inside the walls and surfaces of the room. There is also a central countertop big enough to serve as a kitchen table for a sizeable family.

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There are five beautiful bathrooms in total, each one elegantly designed in pristine minimalism. There is also a giant media room dedicated to housing and showing off a dream home entertainment setup. In addition, if nature is more interesting than what is playing the screen, there is a balcony with some seriously stunning views.

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Outdoors too!

The outside features a lengthy driveway and a garage/shed combo appears to be able to store up to two large cars or farming equipment such as tractors and trailers. Beside it is also a covered garage that could fit a third car as well as a whole host of other tools and gardening implements. The entire first floor of this second building can still be converted into a home office, a hobby room, or another additional accommodation depending on the needs of the home’s next residents.

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In the back of the main building is a large area that is just about perfect for backyard parties and barbeques. There is also a grassy area around the back where children and pets can play while the homeowners and their guests are grilling or just relaxing.

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All in all, The Old Grain Store has definitely come a long way from its days as its dilapidated namesake. Now, instead of housing animal feed, it is going to make for a very special home for very lucky (and incredibly wealthy) family.

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