Men are turning their beards into beautiful bouquets and we're here for it

April 7th, 2021

Ah, the spring season. What’s not to like about it?

The air is still a little cool but it’s also warmer than winter. Leaves become greener. And flowers start to bloom.

Birds are singing and the mood is lighter.

And let’s not forget, floral beards are appearing in men once again.

Say what? Floral beards in men? What’s going on?

Yes, men are adding flowers on their beards to get into the season of spring. Maybe this is why Movember became a trend. Men were growing their mustaches and beards in November so they can have full-grown facial hair by the time spring arrives.

Who are we kidding?

Men will grab any reason to grow their facial hair. Spring bouquet beards are just another reason to sport awesome-looking beards.

And so many of them have taken it to the next level, too.

This guy has made his beard look like an autumn floral bouquet.

Hold up, buddy, we’re just in spring. Don’t make time fly too fast. But we have to admit, that beard is looking dope.

Some have let their partners decorate their beards into artistic pieces.

John became a beard model and let his partner, Hayley, turn his beard into a garden exhibit. Most impressive! Do you think he had to sit in a gallery or museum for days so people can see Hayley’s masterpiece?

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Of course, drag queens do not want to miss this action.

Not only did Padraig Joyce added peach flowers to his beard, he even dyed his mustache pink. And he used a black cat to complete the look.

What do you think, darlin’?

Do you want to see a floral beard that screams spring?

Look, no further!

He’s like a daisy plant. And we love that he chose to use yellow daisies. It’s got more color!

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Oh, hearts of indigo, how much do we love thee?

This duo even matched their floral beards with these amazing mustaches.

Oh if only spring blossoms looked like this every year, that would be super amazing!

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It used to be, plumerias were only used for leis.

But floral beards are not choosy and they will use every flower. Meet the beard lei. Lei beard? Lé beard? Get it?

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And then there are the experimental floral beards.

Maybe they were studying floral arrangements and wanted to experiment with floral beards.

What do you think? Did it work?

This guy is just rocking the floral beard look like it happens every day.

Oh hey man, how you doin’? Oh this beard? Yeah, I just felt like adding flowers to it today.

Right, he makes floral beards look so sexy.

He and his wife are creators and they need to create something, anything all the time.

That day, he was his wife’s canvas.

And we are gifted with this beautifully crafted floral beard.

He went to a daisy field and came out a daisy-bearded hippie.

What a natural transition!

Will you experience the same when you go to a field like this?

Want to know how floral beards are made? Watch the video below.

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Source: Diply, My Modern Met, Instagram/Will It Beard