Mom Gets On The Jumbotron To Embarrass Her Son

January 3rd, 2019

Parents are known for making their kids feel a little bit uncomfortable at times. Embarrassing your kids is just part of the fun!

Mandy Remmell, 29, and her son, Blake, 10, were attending a Maryland Terrapins and Loyola Greyhounds basketball game. This was a sweet outing for the mom and son. They got to spend time together while watching a great game.

During a timeout, the Fan Cam was looking for the wildest dancers to display on the big screen. “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson began playing over the speakers.

This mom did everything she could to get on the Jumbotron. Maybe it was just for fun, or maybe it was to embarrass Blake.

We’ll never really know…

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Maryland Basketball via Twitter Source: Maryland Basketball via Twitter

Jumbotron Moment

The Fan Cam continued searching. Then, it caught Mandy, who was totally ready to put on a show.

In her leopard print dress, she began dancing. She used her cell phone as a fake microphone. As the crowd reacted, she got more into the song. She made it a whole performance.

The fellow basketball fans were soaking it up. They thought she was hilarious!

Mandy’s son was not feeling the same way as the crowd was. He was beyond embarrassed.

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Maryland Basketball via Twitter Source: Maryland Basketball via Twitter

To Make Matters Worse

As she kept performing, he grew more and more humiliated. Of course, this just encouraged the mom to become more and more dramatic.

Because Blake was so mortified, she even started to serenade him. This just made him even more uncomfortable.

He began covering his whole head with the hood of his sweatshirt. He didn’t want to be seen with his crazy mom! He really just wanted the Fan Cam to pan somewhere else. He probably wished he could just run out of there!

As Blake showed that he was embarrassed, the crowd continued loving Mandy’s performance. The cheers didn’t stop, which meant that Mandy didn’t stop either.

Maryland Basketball shared the video in a tweet, which was later found by Kelly Clarkson. In a tweet of her own, she said,

“That’s my kind of mama.”

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Maryland Basketball via Twitter Source: Maryland Basketball via Twitter

A Memory Made

Remmell took a moment to tell the Washington Post about the whole situation. She said,

“Embarrassing your kids and doing it in a fun way is a great opportunity. If you can get laughs and make memories, that’s really what counts.”

It’s easy to say that Blake has moved on and isn’t as embarrassed anymore. He probably still wishes his mom didn’t serenade him in front of an arena full of people, though.

When he gets older, he will definitely think his mom is cool. He will appreciate her ability to let loose and have fun!

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Maryland Basketball via Twitter Source: Maryland Basketball via Twitter

Not Her First Performance

Later, it became apparent why Mandy was able to perform so well and so spontaneously.

At her wedding, she had done the Worm. She’s not afraid to be the center of attention.

She said,

“Anytime there’s singing, dancing, all of that stuff, that’s right up my alley.”

Mandy is also a huge fan of karaoke. Maybe we’ll see another one of her stellar performances in the future.

When her husband saw the video of her singing and dancing, he was the farthest thing from surprised. He knew that this was just who she is!

What’s her job as a mom if she doesn’t embarrass her son once in a while? It might have been a bit uncomfortable for him at the time, but it’s all good now.

This may be the last time that Blake asks to go to a basketball game with his mom. Next time, he will have to go with his dad to prevent the embarrassment.

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Maryland Basketball via Twitter Source: Maryland Basketball via Twitter

The team did send the family some goodies, as a thanks for the performance, and invited them back to the arena. Will there be an encore?

Check out her impressive performance for yourself below!

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