This Mom Had No Idea Her Nanny Was Princess Diana

July 17th, 2019

When you think or read about Princess Diana, you think royalty! Fame! Rich!

You’d never expect that at one point in her life she worked as a nanny for a mere five dollars an hour. But boy do we have a story for you.

According to Inside Edition, the Princess financially started from the bottom.

It was back in 1980 when Mary Robertson, an American businesswoman living in London, was in need of a nanny. She had a son named Patrick and was very hardworking — there was no doubt she needed someone to help her out when she was away.

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So because of this, Robertson called up a local agency, who at the time, only had one part-time nanny available. She was 18-years-old and went by the name Diana Spencer.

Diana showed up for the interview and was hired on the spot by Robertson. “I just fell in love with her. She was wonderful with my child,” Robertson shared.

The mother paid her five dollars an hour to do a variety of chores. In addition to looking after Patrick, Diana loaded the laundry, picked up toys, and washed dishes.

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On one random day, Robertson found a deposit slip from Diana’s bank under the couch. And luckily for Robertson, she worked in finance, so she realized the name on Diana’s check was pretty shocking. It was a real clue to her identity.

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After finding her bank deposit slip, she discovered that this shy nanny was actually Lady Diana Spencer, an aristocrat from one of England’s oldest families.

So yep, you guessed correctly — before Princess Diana became Princess Diana, she was just a young, teenage girl being paid five bucks and hour to take care of a sweet child by the name of Patrick.

In the video below, Inside Edition talkes to the woman who hired Diana and it is fascinating.

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When Robertson blew her cover, Diana’s reaction proved just how modest she has always been from the very start. “Oh that?” Diana said. “Would you like me to take Patrick out for a walk now?”

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“And that was the beginning and the end of it,” Robertson said of exposing Diana.

Diana worked for Robertson three days a week. She was also a nursery school teacher the other two days.

“She said ‘when you leave for work this morning, you will notice there are reporters and photographers at the end of the street,'” Robertson explained. “And I said ‘who are they there for?’ [Diana] said, ‘they’re there for me.'”

Diana gave Robertson her notice soon after, and that, Patrick’s mother saw her former nanny walking down the aisle, about to marry a prince in a royal wedding watched by the whole world.

Who knows, maybe your nanny is a secret princess, too!

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