Adorable 3 Year Old Sings Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody In Car

October 31st, 2018

With the new Bohemian Rhapsody film hitting cinemas this week, perhaps no one is more excited than adorable toddler Holly Lee from Armadale, Scotland. It turns out she is quite the Freddie Mercury fan, and has even learned all the words to the popular Queen hit as captured by her mom in a hilarious video.

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Her mother Charlene McMahon, 27, says that little Holly starting singing the song about three months ago while they were both going for a drive.

“She was bored in the car and I was trying to entertain her. It’s the only song I knew all the words to so I started singing it. Since then she loves watching the video and singing it. She watches the video about five or six times a week and sings the song three or four times a day.”

She since has become quite the young star. Charlene filmed their video while they were both waiting to pick up Holly’s dad in September. While it was originally meant just to amuse friends and family, it has since went viral across the Internet.

Holly doesn’t know what to think about all this new found fame, says Mom:

“It’s funny because she’s the shyest little girl ever. If someone comes up and asks her to sing she won’t do it – she’s so shy. She likes to do it in the house but not in front of an audience.”

Although, she didn’t always know the song by it’s original name, instead choosing to make up her own creative title.

“She used to call it the Galileo song but had to learn how to say Bohemian Rhapsody properly so that when she goes to her grandma’s house she can ask Alexa to find the song for her.”

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It seems she was also very quick to become a champ at singing the Queen classic.

“It didn’t take her long to learn the words at all, I’d say a couple of days. She knows most of the words but still gets some of them wrong. She started off doing the ‘mamma mia’ bit then the Galileo bit then the rest of it. She learnt it in three sections and then put them together.”

Besides the fact that she learned the lyrics so quickly, perhaps most impressive is her vocal range. In the video Holly hits all the high and low notes in style, and it’s pretty funny to watch. When the guitar starts playing, she even starts to head bang a little bit. The members of Queen would definitely be proud.

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Charlene and her HGV driver partner Darrell Lee, 29, are super excited about seeing the new Bohemian Rhapsody film which was released this week starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury. Holly of course will be coming along as well.

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Watch the adorable video below

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