Nail Salon Started A New Trend - It Involves Hair

October 11th, 2018

A nail art chance in Russia called Nail Sunny is always making waves with its new nail designs. When it comes to their creations, people either love them or hate them. They can range from beautiful pieces of art to crazy, over-the-top designs.

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Nail Sunny Source: Nail Sunny

The most recent design includes long strands of hair attached to the nails.

It looks like each nail has its own ponytail. The salon posted a photo on its Instagram page showing off the design and asking followers if they thought it might be a new trend. The salon got a lot of comments, and it seems like most people thought this was pretty out there.

One person said:

“Why is this a trend? It’s disgusting!”

Another said:

“Ewww! Why?”

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Nail Sunny Source: Nail Sunny

Most of the time, the designs are pretty tame and popular.

They range from glossy, bright colors, to muted mattes. The nail salon does nails for all types of events and special occasions and also has regular customers who just pop in for touchups or when they want something a little different. Nail Sunny is really good at doing things differently.

These hairy nails aren’t the first weird design the salon has produced. Nail artists recently created nails with curlers on the tips, too. These are perfect if you are running late and don’t have time to curl your hair before you leave for work or school. You can just do it in the car or on the bus with your nails.

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Nail Sunny Source: Nail Sunny

It’s also the perfect complement to the hairy nails.

The salon has also done nails with hair brushes, nails with athletes’ faces on them, nails with nails sticking out of them, and even creepy monster nails that are perfect for Halloween. Of course, these nail designs also got mixed reviews.

Even those who don’t necessarily like them have to admit that the nail artists behind these creations are amazingly talented, and these nails are works of art. Some artists use clay, some use canvas, but these artists prefer to express themselves on other people’s fingernails.

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Nail Sunny Source: Nail Sunny

The Nail Sunny team takes pride in the designs, and the company is honored to have so many amazing nail artists working there.

Managers search for the best and are very picky about who they hire for their salon.

The salon’s website says:

“NAIL SUNNY – is an individual approach to everyone and everything. Techniques from all over the world, unique methods, best technicians, who can make any nail art dream come true. The unique and complicated nail art designs created at NAIL SUNNY has made them famous way beyond the borders of just Moscow.”

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Nail Sunny Source: Nail Sunny

The salon also does hair.

The salon has posted some of the hairstyles on the Instagram account, as well. So far, the staff hasn’t designed anything too outrageous, however. The best thing about Nail Sunny is that the staff is happy to meet the needs of every client.

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Nail Sunny Source: Nail Sunny

If a client walks in and asks to have pigs put on their nails, there is an artist who will do it.

The nail artists love to experiment with new designs and techniques, so they can give their clients exactly what they want. Sometimes, it’s long hair extensions, and other times, it’s just a nice and neat French manicure. The company is so popular that it recently opened a second salon and added more services. The website says:

“When the huge demand on the quick and affordable beauty services has become so apparent, the girls decided not to stop on the achieved success but rather decided to expand into the beauty industry with the opening of two NAIL SUNNY BEAUTY. There you can see a beautician, get a wax, lash extensions, brow shaping, day or night makeup, a haircut, hair coloring and of course — a blow-dry.”

If you have a chance to stop into this unique salon, don’t miss it. You may walk out with some crazy new nails.

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