Nicole Kidman Tells America It's Time To Support Trump

January 25th, 2018

It should go without saying, just about anything can be misconstrued.

When it comes to celebrities making comments, they might say something flippantly and not realize just how seriously they will be taken. Nicole Kidman learned this the hard way in January 2017.

Right before Donald Trump officially became President, Nicole Kidman weighed in on a Trump White House.

When speaking with BBC 2’s Victoria Derbyshire, Nicole didn’t seem to enjoy all of the animosity that Trump had been getting and decided to put in her two cents.

“I just say he’s now elected and we, as a country, need to support who’s ever the president because that’s what the country’s based on,” she said. “Whatever, however that happened, he’s there and let’s go.”

That went over as well as one could expect a person saying they like to kick puppies. Meaning, people in the U.S. were pretty damn pissed.

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There was an immediate backlash from people on Twitter. Users voiced their opinions, some in support of Nicole’s statements, with many against what she’d said.

“So, because Trump supports racist and xenophobic policies, so should I?” one Twitter user wrote. “Nicole Kidman needs her head examined.”

While another said:

“What are you doing Nicole?” another user chimed in. “Your critical thinking skills have not been fully restored after Scientology brainwashing.”

When the comments blew up, Nicole went on Access Hollywood and attempted to clarify her original statement, as she felt she’d been misunderstood.

“I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy and the American Constitution, and it was that simple.”

But when pressed to add more and what she felt about people misconstruing her remarks, she quickly backed out of the conversation. She claimed she’d said what she had wanted to say and was done with it after that.

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While she came under fire at the beginning of 2017 for her political beliefs, Nicole Kidman is having a much better start to 2018.

The Australian actress, who has dual citizenship between Australia and the U.S., recently just won the Golden Globe, Critics Choice Award, and SAG Award for her work on Big Little Lies.

She hasn’t really spoken politics since the blowout, and can you really blame her after the firestorm her previous remarks caused?

How do you feel about her opinion: do you agree with what she said or disagree?

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Source: BBC 2