Dog Saves Cat From Getting Into A Fight

October 8th, 2018

Not all heroes wear capes, some have floppy ears

An unusual dog saves cat moment occurred in a video of a cat that was head over whiskers to get into a fight appeared on the internet and it spread like wildfire.

It didn’t spread because of the outcome of the fight, but for the heroic, and may I add hilarious intervention of a nearby golden retriever who has earned the name “retriever” by retrieving his friend from what could have been a very hairy situation.

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We’ve all been there

When hot-headed tempers arise, we are prepared to fight fang and claw for what we believe in. When it comes to the animal world, it might be because they are stronger, someone got a little too close to someone else’s nest, or the simplest reason of all, they just want a fight to show they are the top dog (or cat in this case) and there is nothing can do about.

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But sometimes we see animals about to start a fight and we want to intervene before the barking (or clawing) really gets started. It turns out that needing to intervene isn’t just a human response. There may be some dogs that share it with us as well. We know this one does.

From good boy to internet hero

The whole scenario that could have caused either of the two cats involved at least one of their nine lives is dangerously close to fruition as we see the two cats size up each other with one clearly invading the territory of the other.

Cats, just like any other solitary animal, are highly territorial by nature and display certain aggressive tendencies when other cats are in their vicinity. This behavior is especially displayed if the “defender” is a domestic cat and they see strays or other domestic cats on what they perceive as their territory. Before the would-be cat-fight starts we see our new canine hero with an expression on his face that says,

“Nope, you are not doing this again!”

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This excellent, or should I say golden, boy grabs the “contender” by the leash and drags the cat to the safety of the staircase with determination, the feline is reluctant to do so considering its expressions can be easily translated as “Let me at him,” but the retriever has the cat by the leash.

Retriever 1:0

Since the emergence of the video on social media, everyone who has seen the video or knows the behavior of golden retrievers have commented how retrievers are some of, if not the best, companions for humans, and in this case even for felines as well. With one comment stating,

“Goldens are too pure for this world.”

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From something simple as an averted altercation to an internet sensation this fluffy eared hero deserves all the belly rubs he ask for and then some.

The full play by play

In this corner, we have the defender with white and gray fur slowly approaching the ring while the competitor with white and orange fur is just waiting, but what’s this? A surprise entrance? Golden fur, floppy ears, who is this mysterious hero the internet has been looking for?

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Or don’t read the play by play you can watch the hilarity yourself:

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good boy doesn't let a fight break out

good boy doesn't let a fight break outvideo credit: unknow

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