Viral Footage Of Raccoon Mourning Friend Is So Sad

September 7th, 2018

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things people will ever have to endure in this lifetime. The thought of never holding that person in your arms again, of never sharing a meal with them, never talking about how your days went, never looking into their eyes again, never laughing until your stomachs hurt makes it seem like the world is ending.

If you’ve ever lost someone incredibly close to you, you know the feeling that comes into your stomach the moment you find out. You get light-headed, you feel sick, you may even faint. You have a strong feeling of denial, and no logic will bring you out of that mindset, at least until it all sinks in.

We might think that us humans are alone in feeling this way when a loved one dies, but that is entirely not the case at all. Have you ever witnessed a dog that outlives his or her owner? They mourn the death of their owners just like the human relatives do. One dog, in particular, visited his human’s grave every day after he passed away. They shared a truly special bond. When the owner was in the hospital, the pup stopped eating.

It’s not just limited to our domesticated friends, though. Animals out in the wild mourn loss, too.

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When one driver saw some roadkill, he had to stop the car to film what was unfolding right in front of his eyes.

While one raccoon laid motionless in the road, another stood at the curb, clearly in shock. Normally, for most folks, seeing some roadkill isn’t anything to pay too much attention to. For us, it’s become a completely normal thing to see. It’s become so normal that we forget that those little animals have families and friends, too. They have their own little souls.

What this man caught on camera is absolutely heartbreaking. It’s almost impossible to not cry when watching this tragic scene unfold.

If you cried during Bambi, this is going to leave you ugly crying with a river of tears streaming down your face.

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The raccoon on the side of the road is so overwhelmed with sadness and shock that he falls onto his back in disbelief. While the video is shot from a distance, you can tell that the raccoon is actually crying, or at least doing the raccoon equivalent to what we humans do when we cry.

Raccoons are incredibly intelligent animals. They’re so smart that they broke out of their cages too often when they were used as test subjects. They’re also able to learn tricks, like riding little scooters around. One test even proved that raccoons can retain memories and learned behaviors for much longer than our canine companions.

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That’s what makes this video all the more heartbreaking. You know that this raccoon is feeling something so deep. His life will never be the same now that he’s lost this companion, whether it’s a mate, a friend, a parent, or a child.

The physical reaction he has will seriously give you chills.

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As cars continue to drive by, he finally is able to bring himself to approach the lifeless animal. Maybe, he thinks, there’s a chance that his companion will get up and move, that it’s all just some kind of sick joke.

That, sadly, is not the case.

So, folks, if this isn’t a PSA to watch out for our furry friends while driving, I don’t know what is. This immense tragedy in this raccoons life could have been easily avoided if the driver that hit his friend had been paying more attention. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, and as I wipe away tears, my heart goes out to this little raccoon, wherever he is now.

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[Source: Unilaid]