Runaway Horse Charges Through Bar, Frightening Customers

October 4th, 2018

We’ve all heard the classic setup: “a ___ walks into a bar,” but rarely do we ever witness any of the absurd situations laid out in these jokes. Jokes usually ask you to suspend your disbelief for the sake of a good laugh.

How many times have you actually seen a chicken crossing the road? Or had an orange or a banana on the other side of your door when someone knocks on it?

For a small group of people north of Paris, France, they experienced one of these set-ups firsthand in real life, but it wasn’t exactly funny.

In fact, it was a bit scary!

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A group of folks was minding their own business, sipping their cups of coffee and enjoying some good conversation, when all of a sudden, something very bizarre and straight out of a dream happened. I would have totally had to pinch myself to see if this was real or not if I had been there.

It happens that a racehorse had bolted from her stable at a racecourse nearby. Her saddle had fallen down and she wasn’t too happy about it!

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The horse barges straight into a bar, and you can see the utter shock in each of the patrons’ body language.

Between the racecourse and the bar, the horse’s ride had fallen off as she crossed a roundabout and made her way to what you see in the video below.

A representative for the racecourse said that the horse hadn’t exhibited any signs of distress or anxiety. Simply put, she was just a sneaky escape artist.

The particular bar is one of many Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU), which are bars where the betting type can go to place bets on the races happening nearby.

When the horse, which hasn’t been named, entered the bar, she went immediately to the back, which is the betting area. Seems as though she was looking to put a little money down on herself for once!

While she’s back there, everyone cleverly takes the opportunity to leave the bar to retreat to safety in the back room

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After exploring the back of the bar, she turned around, broke a table and some chairs, and left.

She was eventually taken back to the racecourse totally unharmed, where she is surely plotting her next big escape. Maybe next time she will go a-knocking on someone’s door.

All joking aside, this could have ended very differently if a human had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Horses are incredibly powerful animals, and when they’re spooked, they can be dangerous to be around.

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If you’ve ever ridden a horse, you know that it’s important to keep calm the entire time to make sure the horse doesn’t pick up on your energy and bolt, or try to kick you off of her back

Horses are incredible creatures, but it’s important to recognize their strength, as it is with any animal!

See the entire scene in the video below!

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