High School Drum Plays At Football Game, Then Sheriff Joins In And Leaves Them Slack-Jawed

December 14th, 2017

When law enforcement officers and teenagers are together, it usually means someone is in trouble. A lot of teenagers don’t like to be around officers for this reason, and most officers are suspicious of teenagers, too. One officer decided he was going to change the way police and teens interact. He decided to show them that law enforcement officials can be cool and have fun, too.

Deputy Sheriff A.J. Mendez was at a Poteet High School football game.

He was just doing his job, patrolling the area, keeping people safe, and watching out for everyone. Of course, the teenagers in the crowd were all on their best behavior knowing he was around.

It seemed like a pretty uneventful night for the community, so Mendez decided he would make things a little more exciting. He found his way over to the high school band’s drum section. Mendez happened to be a drummer himself, and he was anxious to give the drums a try again.

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The band members were happy to let him in, but they didn’t expect he would be as good as he was.

Neither did the rest of the crowd. Mendez started playing, and everyone was shocked at his skills. He didn’t hesitate to jump right in on a song and he kept right up with the other drummers who had been practicing and playing together all season.

Mendez soon got the attention and the support of the crowd. People started snapping photos and getting out their phones to record the officer playing with the band. Everyone was shocked to see the officer in full uniform, playing the drums with all the high school band members and doing just as well as them. They were happy to have him play with them and seemed just as impressed as everyone else.

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As he continued to play, he got more confident and even decided to do a little solo.

Fans can be heard laughing and clapping in the background as they cheer him on. It was clear from the smile on his face that he really enjoyed being able to play the drums again and have some fun with the local band kids

The audience really seemed to enjoy the performance, as well. It’s not every day that you get to see an officer in uniform playing the drums with the high school band. Someone in the audience decided to share the video on social media, and it got thousands of likes and shares.

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It’s nice to see a law enforcement officer actually getting along with teenagers and being shown in a different light than how they are often portrayed in social media videos.

Many people are wondering if Mendez played in a band as a teen or maybe was still in a band. The way he jumped right in and started playing seems to suggest that he has some experience with musical instruments. He definitely knew how to follow the other drummers and even seemed familiar with the song. He even met with band members a few days after the game to show his support.

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Hopefully, these teenagers enjoyed seeing a different side of law enforcement and learned that they are just people doing their jobs. They can still stop to have some fun and support the community, and they have talents and hobbies just like everyone else. Hopefully, Mendez drops in to a few more games and joins in with the band to play the drums and entertain the crowd. It’s nice to everyone in a community coming together for some fun and laughs.

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Deputy Sheriff A.J. Mendez interacting with the Poteet High School Band at the football game in D'Hanis on Saturday night. Our Community Matters

Posted by Atascosa County Sheriff's Office on Monday, October 5, 2015

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