Simone Biles puts astounding twist on first pitch at world series, does a back flip

October 28th, 2019

First pitch for world series is made even more exciting by Simone Biles

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When its time for the world series for baseball fans don’t want to miss one single moment of it. This includes the first pitch, which is usually completed by some celebrity or someone considered special.

Simone Biles With Style

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As Simone Biles steps up to make the first pitch, she warms up in a very unique way.

Prior to throwing the ball, she knows that warm-up is important. Her way of approaching this is with an epic backflip. Needless to say, she warmed up the crowd even more with this presentation.

Not Leaving Without The Ball

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Simone went to the work of doing her presentation, and she wasn’t leaving without the outfielder of the Astros team, Jake Marisnick, who was the presentation catcher signing the ball.

A Repeat Performance

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About Simone Biles

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Most who are into sports and especially gymnastics will recognize the name, Simone Biles. What they may not know is how this impressive gymnast got her start.

According to her, Mom Simone got into gymnastics by accident.

Simone was scheduled to go on a field trip to a farm, but the weather was not permitting, so a change was made, and the field trip was to a Gym.

Simone’s start in gymnastics can be blamed on the rain.

Simone is a Multiple Record Breaker

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This amazing gymist has broken multiple records that include:

Winning five of the six medals at the World Championships 2019.

She has broken the all-time record by receiving 25 gymnast medals for both genders.

A Future Olympic Star?

All those who know anything about Simone tend to agree that she is the biggest future contender for the Olympics.

A Wonder Woman and a Hero

Among the very positive labels that have been used to describe Simone, they include “wonder woman” and “hero,” according to FIG president.

Some Contention

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With a young upcoming athlete like this, she is bound to stir some dissension such as that which Svetlana Khorkina commented on. Svetlana made a comment that Simone should not be turned into some unbeatable queen, and went on to say that if she (Svetlana) were fifteen years younger, she would definitely “take the fight to the American”.

Part of these comments may have come as a result of Simone overtaking Svetlana’s record of being the holder of 20 world championships.

Perhaps An Unachievable Record?

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There are many that believe that Simone will never be able to beat the record of the Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina who won 15 Olympic medals. This is because it is not believed that Simone will still be competing when the 2024 Olympics comes around because she could only add six more medals in the 2020 Olympics, leaving her short of what she would need to beat Larisa.

Grateful Fans

No matter what Simone does in the future here, fans are grateful for what she has already provided them with. She is a bright and bubbly athlete with a personality that matches her talents, which is exceptional.

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