Greying hair is very much a natural part of aging. However, it is the most flattering color that many women are trying their best to get rid of the grey locks and revive the youthful colors of their hair.

About three years ago, one lady was getting tired of having to return to the salon every three to four weeks just to get her hair dyed darker again. So, she visited a salon in California and this establishment belonged to colorist Jack Martin. She did not want to be bothered by her hair color and after brainstorming with the colorist, both of them agreed to color the woman’s hair silver to accentuate her true hair color.

The result was phenomenal! Jack loved his work so much that he proudly showed it off on Instagram. The look inspired other female clients, and they also decided to get Jack’s help in embracing their true hair colors. These are the happy women who, through Jack’s help, learned to love their locks and the natural color brought by aging. They are absolutely sensational!

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