Teen loses both parents before seniors night – so takes his two dogs to attend with him

December 6th, 2019

The loss of one parent is difficult enough to deal with but losing them both is unimaginable.

Josh Butler is a cornerback for the Michigan State University football team.

Following tradition, he along with his teammates walked through the gates for the last game of their college career. It’s a time where fans and family get to show their appreciation to these young players.

Josh’s Parents Were Not There To Celebrate With Him

Unfortunately, Josh had lost both his parents and they were not there to celebrate this momentous occasion with him.

News of His Father’s Passing

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Josh said that he first heard the news of his father’s passing from his cousin. Josh turned to his coach for comfort who held Josh in his arms. Josh’s teammates surrounded hin to support him.

Josh Makes A Heart Warming Decision

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The coach asked Josh what he wanted to do as the game was about to start. Josh needed his team in this moment and he knew that if his Father had lived that he would be watching this game.

Two Beloved Friends Walk With Josh

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When Josh walked through the gate onto the field he was not alone. Walking with him were his two cherished canine friends.

Josh proudly ran onto the field accompanied by his two canine buddies as he was well received by the roaring crowd.

A Rough Time For Josh

Towards the end of 2017, Josh’s father passed away. This unfortunate event took place just a few hours before Josh was to play a game against Penn State. Two years later Josh lost his Mother to stage four breast cancer.

Roxy and Remi

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After the death of his father and before the passing of his Mom, Josh adopted two boxer-pitbull mixes that were brother and sister. They have become Josh’s best friend and his rocks for helping him get through a very tough time.

A Moment In Time With Roxy and Remi

When these two beautiful dogs are not in the spotlight they just like to laze around. It’s certainly obvious that they care for each other a great deal as brother and sister.

The Proud Doggie Owner

Josh is very proud of his beautiful dogs and has set up an Instagram account that is packed full of the events that these two dogs share with Josh. Roxy is 2 years old and Remi his sister is 7 months old.

Josh Makes His Parents Proud

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Many young ones that experience the tragedy that Josh has find it difficult to carry on with life’s routine and their education often suffers because of it. Josh, however, continued on with his schooling and in 2018 proudly received his undergraduate degree. Not only that he is about to receive his master’s degree.

Josh’s Attitude

Josh does not take all the credit for his stamina and fortitude to be able to carry on.

Josh gives credit to his teammates and his dogs for giving him the courage to get through this. According to Josh, “There is always rise after a fall.”

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