Mom And Dad Get Toddler Broccoli For Christmas - Watch The Precious Moment He Finds Out

December 24th, 2017

During the Christmas season, it can be hard to figure out the perfect gift for your child. What would a little toddler truly appreciate? If you’re the parents of little Mason Reese however, it turns out that getting the perfect present is a lot easier than they thought.

The little tot was captured on camera on December 4th of last year in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania with a happy smile as he opened an early gift in front of his parents. Inside, Mason found a head of broccoli underneath some gifting paper.

While most kids would be a little disappointed at vegetables as a gift, his smile is truly insatiable.

“Look, broccoli!”he says to someone off-camera.

He even gives it a tiny lick and our collective hearts melted at the innocence.

Besides the head of broccoli, he found a banana, zucchini, and toothbrush!

According to his aunt, who posted the video originally, explained that after the video was over, he was excited to eat his veggies.

“We filmed it knowing that Mason would love the ‘gifts.’ When the video was over, he immediately asked if we could cook his zucchini, and he wanted to help chop it,” his mother, Lianne, explained later to Story Trender.

Mason’s love of produce apparently stems from a diagnosis of Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) early in his life. Although he’s since been cleared of the rare food allergy, he’s become a bit of a fruit and veggie lover. He’s such a produce lover he went viral once before- excitedly pointing out and naming all of the different vegetables in the produce section at the grocery store!

The family also clarified that Mason did indeed receive other presents later on in the month that wasn’t food! Either way, it seems like veggies were enough for him that night!

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